Do Overweight Men Have Smaller Penis?

Men who are obese usually have penises that look as if they are small because of the fats concentrated in their pubic mounds. The fats enclose the penis thus making it look smaller than normal. When a man has a large pubic fat pad the result is a smaller looking penis shaft. There are abnormal cases where fat men with lots of fats in their pubic areas have their penises buried by the fats making the penis invisible when in flaccid state. Doctors advise men who are overweight to shed some weight if they want to look sexy to their women again. Measuring the size of a fat man’s penis when it is flaccid will not give accurate results because of the fats found on the pubic mound. These fats usually make the penis to shrink inside the body making it to appear somewhat small.

The Effects of Obesity in men with Average Size Penis

Overweight men have smaller penis

Fat men with average size penis do not usually get the accurate sizes of their members because they measure them when flaccid or soft. In fat men when the penis is flaccid, it gets absorbed by the fats in their pubic mound making it look small and abnormal. There are a number of cases that have been reported where men in their teens had average size penises (about 5 to 7 inches when erect), but later in life when obesity set in, their penises appeared almost half the size of what they had before (3 to 5 inches when erect). It is important to note that in these kinds of cases the penis have not actually gotten small. Research also suggests that it is a common scenario for the size of the penis to get a little reduced as men grow older. What usually make the penis of obese men to look small are the fats deposited around their pubic and groin regions.

Does Obesity make a man’s Penis any larger?

Obesity will not make a man with an averaged sized penis to become big nor does it make it small. The penises of men who become obese will remain the same size what changes is the shape and look. When such men lose weight the appearance of the penises will be restored back to what they were like before. Another advantage for obese men to lose weight is that their penis will look bigger, something will boost their confidence. Losing weight also comes with lots of health benefits and not just your sexual health but your overall health.

Men with Small Penises and Obesity

Men with small penises who become obese will see their members sizes even greatly reduced and particularly when flaccid. Even their erect penises may also appear a bit small too. Men whose penises are inches when erect will see even smaller penises when obesity sets in. There are cases where men who have morbid obesity have seen their penis to appear like micro-penises. Medically such men in reality do not have micro-penises but it obesity that makes their penises look that way.

A very bad side effect of obesity in men with small penises is when the penis is totally encased in the pubic fat pad when it is flaccid. The result of this will be a man who looks like he doesn’t have a penis the condition is medically referred to as Mangina. When this happens such men often get embarrassed and their confidence may most likely be affected. Apart from the embarrassment that such men get, there are also a number of problems that their condition may bring to them:

  • They may experience problems with urination and this may bring about incontinence. In severe cases they may even have to sit down in order to be able to urinate.
  • Men whose soft or flaccid penises get absorbed by the pubic fat pad of the groin area can easily get fungal infections. They will always need to ensure that they keep their members clean and dry all the time.
  • Such men may also experience rashes and discomfort when walking in hot areas.
  • These men will also have body odor problems and this may lead to confidence problems.


Being overweight comes with numerous health risks and that is why people are often advised to eat healthy foods and also do exercises that will help them have lean bodies. Even though scientifically there is no proof that obese men have small penises the condition usually impacts their sexual health life negatively. It is also evident from the above explanation that men who have small penis sizes and still become obese may end up suffering even more. It is better that all men be conscious of their weight in order for them to become healthy sexually.