Do Penis Pills Work – Answers to the Question

by Nick Swanson

Do penis pills work? It’s a simple question that millions have asked, especially men looking for a way to support their sexual prowess or the size of their penis. “Do penis pills work?” is also a fair question to ask given the staggering claims made by some of the marketing campaigns involving penis pills. With promises to support penis size, support erection quality, add hours to your staying power, and even support the amount of semen and sperm produced during climax, these products have some lofty goals to live up to. So Do Penis Pills Work? The answer is – it depends.

Do Penis Pills Work

Answering the question ‘do penis pills work?’ depends on a number of things, chief among them just which aspect of them you’re questioning. With this in mind, it’s easier to go through the claims individually to get to the truth behind them and get answers for the question ‘do penis pills work?’ So do penis pills work at enlarging your penis? While there have been very few studies concerning this topic, the answer is that they probably don’t. No pill can add inches to your penis, but some of them do ship with instructions concerning exercises that some studies have shown can add up to an inch or more of penis length.

Do penis pills work on supporting your erection? It’s much more likely that this claim is true, at least with some of the better pills out there. So how do penis pills work to improve erections? Basically, the compounds in the better pills including things like pomegranate and L-Arginine, and amino acid. These compounds improve blood vessel health and, in the case of L-Arginine, improve the blood flow within the penis. This allows it to fill more completely with blood and can support its size, firmness, and duration. Do Penis Pills Work for erections? For many men, the answer is yes.

Finally, do penis pills work to support sperm count? Some of them contain zinc and other minerals that have been shown to support sperm count so the answer is – maybe. But answering the question of ‘do penis pills work?’ conclusively is difficult since few researchers have asked the question and sought answers with studies. For now, the only real proof is in the men who swear that they’ve achieved results with them. So Do Penis Pills Work? They won’t support overall penis size, but in some cases they have been shown to help men with other issues. Each person is different, and results will likely vary, but for some men they do indeed work.