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Women and Sex – Do Women Also Find Sex Interesting As Men?

AuthorBy - Updated July 7, 2021
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Do Women Also Find Sex Interesting

Men and women view sex differently and that is why men usually tend to focus more on the physical aspect of the relationship. Most men will be captivated by the sight of a woman that is they will get excited quickly by physical or visual stimulation. This explains why most men can get ready for physical intimacy in just a few minutes as compared to women.

As long as sexual thoughts have been stimulated in the mind of a man it basically becomes his primary focus. From this it can be said that men generally prioritize sex more than women do. This does not mean that women find sex less interesting but they tend to have a different orientation which needs a different approach.

Women are usually more oriented to being in a relationship as opposed to men who tend to be more oriented on the physical aspect of love making.

The Major Differences In Sex Interest Between Men And Women

  • While men want physical oneness, women prefer emotional oneness.
  • Men will be stimulated by the scent, sight and body of the woman. Women get turned on by a man’s attitude, touch, words, actions, and the whole person.
  • Men want respect, admiration, and to be needed physically. Women on the contrary need love, understanding, and also want to be needed emotionally. Women will also want more time for them to get ready for the sexual act.
  • Men’s sexual response in most instances is usually spontaneous which means that they can be ready to do it anytime anywhere. A woman’s sexual response is cyclical this means there are times that they will want sex than at other times. Studies suggest that women tend to be more interested in sex when ovulating and their interest in sex peak in the few days to the onset of their monthly periods.
  • Most men will usually get sexually excited quickly while women will take longer to get sexually excited.
  • Scientific studies suggest that men are usually single minded during sex meaning that they totally get engrossed in the act and don’t think about other things. Women on the other hand can easily get distracted by other thoughts like thinking about her security, financial woes etc.
  • Another major difference between men and women with regards to their interest in sex is how they orgasm. Men usually experience short periods of very intense and physical orgasms. Women take more time to orgasm and when they finally succeed to achieve it, it will last long and this is why most women will want their men to continue holding them even after sex.

Other Factors That Influence The Interest Of Sex In Women

Studies have also found out that there exist other factors that explain why women tend to be sexually passive. You will find that most women get turned on when they are desired by men.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

As for men they will usually get turned off by a woman who tries to go after them. This may explain the reason why most women would rather wait for a man to initiate sex rather than risk initiating it and get rejected in the end. With this it is evident that contrary to popular belief that women don’t find sex as interesting as men the opposite may be true.

For instance a single lady who is ‘horny’ may find it hard to go out in the street to try and woo a man because she will look cheap instead she may resort to other forms of sexual satisfaction e.g. use of the vibrator.

Hormonal Influence On Women’s Sex Interest

Hormones have also been found to influence women’s sexual behavior especially their desire although just to a certain extent. The effects are usually complex and not the same for all women.

There are two very important sex hormones usually produced in the ovaries, progesterone and estrogen. These hormones usually change during the menstrual circle and it is believed that some women’s sexual desires rise with a surge in estrogen levels. As the levels of estrogen drops after two weeks of the menstrual cycle, progesterone levels rise causing a decrease in desire for these women.

For some women however the opposite is what occurs that is they desire sex more even before their periods set in, when they have high levels of progesterone.

Women will also experience hormonal adjustments during certain changes in their bodies e.g. when pregnant or during menopause. A pregnant woman in her second trimester pregnancy will be more interested in sex than a woman who has reached menopause. Estrogen levels drop with menopause and so is the interest in sex.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


It can’t be said that women don’t like sex because several factors usually come into play that affect women’s perceptions of sex. Women are usually socially wired to wait for sexual advances from men and most women who try to initiate sex risk being victimized for soliciting for it inappropriately.

The bottom line therefore is that the levels of sex interest usually differ from one person to another regardless of their gender.

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