Does Male Organ Size Matter to Satisfy my Partner?

by Nick Swanson

A lot of different factors go into sexual pleasure, especially for women. Most men assume that their penis size is a vital component to their partner’s sexual pleasure, and those with smaller sizes often spend mountains of money on penis enlargement techniques. And while it’s true that size doesn’t always matter, the fact is that penis size certainly can help you satisfy your partner more completely.

Does Male Organ Size Matter to Satisfy my Partner?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that penis enlargement isn’t all you should worry about. If you’re not spending time on foreplay, clitoral stimulation, and building intimacy with your partner then the odds are that you’ll have trouble satisfying her at all. A woman’s sexual pleasure is far more complex than just being with a man with a huge penis size, and a lot of other variables go into truly satisfying her. Before you start investing in male enhancement products promising to give you penis enlargement results, be sure that you spend time mastering your technique.

Once you know how to please your partner, then you can focus on increasing penis size. As mentioned above, it’s possible to please her without having a huge penis, and many women claim that size doesn’t matter. But there’s no denying that a bigger penis certainly can help you hit the right spots and fill her up properly.

Length matters since deeper penetration produces increased sensations. You’ll be able to stimulate deeper areas within her vagina when your penis is larger, and probe her more completely. But it’s width that really counts for most women, and the majority of women in surveys reported that thickness was more important than length when it came to penis size and their sexual pleasure. That’s because a thicker penis stands a better chance of hitting the g-spot, stimulating vaginal walls, and generally pleasuring her in all the right ways. As a result, when you’re working towards improving penis size it’s vital to focus on thickness.

Simply put, penis size doesn’t always matter. In fact, it’s possible to be too large and plenty of men have that problem as well. If you’re concerned, you may simply want to talk to your partner about whether or not they’d prefer a bigger penis. Plenty of male enhancement products exist that can boost your size and help provide larger erections, and if you decide that you need to provide a boost to your lovemaking abilities then you might want to consider penis enlargement.