Does Obesity Cause Impotence?

by Nick Swanson

Many journalists have derogatorily called the United States a fat nation. It is unfortunate but true that the country is currently mired in an obesity epidemic. There are many causes for this state of affairs in America. The prevalence of cheap, unhealthy food and an increase of sedentary lifestyle is the cause most often cited. No matter the cause of obesity, one of the little discussed consequences of being obese is that it can cause impotence. Also called erectile dysfunction, this is a condition where a man is not able to get an erection or maintain his erection. Obesity can cause impotence and here are a few reasons why.

Does Obesity Cause Impotence?

Generally, people who are obese have poor circulation which can cause impotence. This is particularly true if they are suffering from co-morbid conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. When a man is sexually stimulated, blood is redirected to the penis to facilitate an erection. However, if blood circulation is poor, the penis may not get enough blood flowing to it in order to become erect and cause impotence. An obese man may lose his erection during sexual intercourse because the blood is redirected to other parts of the body that desperately need it.

Many obese people develop diabetes which is a metabolic condition characterized by the body’s inability to produce enough insulin or effectively use insulin to reduce blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels, which is often the reason why many diabetics much have limbs amputated. The blood vessels in the penis may be too damaged to fill or hold the blood needed to erect the penis or keep it erect which will cause impotence. Additionally, the medications an obese person needs to take to maintain their health can also cause impotence.

At the point when joined with Primobolan or another supplement, you can even form some muscle mass and help to lose the weight all the while, so is there anything an obese man can do to reclaim his sex life. The primary thing he can do is lose weight. Not only will this help him get the diseases that cause impotence under control, it will improve his overall health. Engaging in regular exercise can also improve blood circulation and increase his chances of achieving an erection naturally. Another option is to talk to his doctor about the medication he is taking that cause impotence and see if there is an alternative available. As a last resort, he can see if his doctor will prescribe a male sexual aid that will help improve his erections.