Does Penis Size and Male Erections Correlated?

by Nick Swanson

When it comes to sexual performance, most guys and girls agree that erection strength is a must. While penis size preferences may vary from girl to girl, the fact is that without a good, strong penis erection most sexual encounters simply aren’t going to get very far. That’s why so many male enhancement products focus on improving the quality of a penis erection first, and then focus on overall penis size.

Does Penis Size and Male Erections Correlated?

Of course, there are plenty of guys who feel like their overall penis size just isn’t enough for them or for their partners, no matter what their mates may say. Average penis size has long been considered to be around 6.1 inches, based on studies done in the 1960s. However, recent studies have found that average length is actually closer to 5.1 to 5.7 inches depending on the study one looks at.

But while arguing over the average penis size is all well and good, there’s a more interesting question out there being considered by many. A link between penis size and penis erection strength is something that many are working to understand, and could be an issue that some male enhancement products may be able to help with.

Larger penises seem to be more closely linked to difficulty maintaining a quality penis erection. However, the cause of this isn’t often due to normal causes of penis erection disorders. Most erectile dysfunction is triggered by things like illness, injury, aging, or psychological issues like performance anxiety. In the case of guys with a large penis size, the fact is that in some instances the penis is simply too large to adequately maintain proper blood engorgement.

A penis erection is triggered with two chambers within it fill with blood. When the penis is so large that it can’t properly fill with blood, it can’t become fully erect. On the flip side of this, men who have small penis size find that their own fears about their penis size actually causes psychological impotence. They’re so worried about having a small penis that they can’t maintain an erection.

Male enhancement products often target both of these issues. They can help increase blood flow to the penis and help men with larger penises overcome their issue and may also help provide the confidence boost that guys with smaller sizes need to maintain an erection. There is some link between penis size and penis erection strength, but there solutions to the problem as well.