Dysfunction Erectile – A Common Concern

by Nick Swanson

Dysfunction erectile is a condition that many men suffer from. It is a condition that occurs when a man is unable to achieve and sustain an erection that is usable during sexual intercourse. When this happens a man has a few options. Most men, at least in the beginning, will try to ignore the problem and act like it does not exist. This type of condition does not just go away. It needs to be treated. If a man decides to let his condition and hopes it goes away, he will more likely be causing more damage to himself.

Dysfunction Erectile

Dysfunction erectile is not something that just shows up and then leaves. It is a condition that has a root cause. The hard part is getting to that cause. There are many different options that can be tried and it will take work to find the right answer. The help of a doctor will most likely be needed in some way. A doctor will be able to run some test to see if there are any underlying conditions that need treating. If the doctor finds one, it may have a positive effect on his erectile dysfunction. If no underlying condition is found, other treatment options may be needed.

The most common dysfunction erectile treatment that is used is a pill that is taken orally. The Food and Drug Administration has four approved drugs available on the market. They all work in generally the same way so determining the right one may be a bit of a trial and error session. These pills are taken on an as needed basis and last for up to four hours to allow plenty of time for sexual activity to take place. Most men who use these oral pills have great results with these medications.

For the most serious dysfunction erectile problems, more dramatic treatments may be needed. A man may become a candidate for surgery if he tries oral pills for a bit and they have no effect on him. There are two different surgery options and which type of surgery is best will be determined on a case by case basis. Some men have an implant placed in there penis while others have reconstructive surgery to fix the veins in their penis to allow for the best blood flow. There are many treatment options available for men with erectile dysfunction and no man needs to suffer from this condition.