Early Ejaculation Causes – No Cure

One problem that many men suffer from is early ejaculation. There is no final determination as to what early ejaculation causes are but there are ongoing studies happening to try and determine the cause. Scientists think they are close to a cause but all they have currently is theories. Some of the theories are psychological and other theories are biological. As each man differs, so does his exact reason for suffering from early ejaculation. Many men do not see their early ejaculation as an issue and continue on believing it will go away on its own. This is not the case for most men.

Early Ejaculation Causes - No Cure

One theory on early ejaculation causes has to do with early experiences the men had. When kids are growing up, they begin to experiment with sex and begin to do this with themselves and other people. The fear of getting caught is always there so men do whatever they can to speed up the process and make it quick. Based on this, there is a theory that men suffer from early ejaculation because they have programmed themselves to be done quick.

Another theory on early ejaculations causes has to do with men having genitals that are too sensitive. When the genitals are too sensitive, they become over stimulated causing ejaculation that happens too quickly. This is common or younger men and inexperienced men. For these men, there is hope. There are many lotions and creams available that help to numb the genitals. The genitals are not numbed much, but enough to not be over stimulated too quickly. By downplaying some of the sensation, a man will be able to last longer and will be able to make sexual intercourse that much more enjoyable for both him and his partner.

There are many early ejaculation causes floating around but no one really knows why any man would suffer from this condition. There are ongoing studies being done to determine the exact cause but no definite answer has been determined as of yet. Any man who suffers from early ejaculation knows how frustrating and how embarrassing the condition can be. He is not able to get the most out of his sex life and is not able to enjoy a full sex life with a partner. There are different ways he can help himself out. Finding and seeking out the right treatment plan is something that most men are afraid of and put off for a long time.