The Naked Truth: ED Can Be a Symptom of Low T!

by Nick Swanson

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction is usually abbreviated as ED due to the fact that it’s a bit of a humiliating disease for a lot of men who have it. Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men in the United States alone. Who knows how many men actually have ED? Some experts even say that all men could experience ED or symptoms of ED (erectile dysfunction) at one point of their lives.

Erectile dysfunction is simply defined as the failure to sustain erections for a few consecutive times. If you’ve been failing to get or sustain erections even if you know that you’re revved up and all fired to go, you should consult a doctor first. There are a variety of possible medical issues causing the problem.

What is Low T?

The Naked Truth: ED Can Be A Symptom of Low T!

Low T simply means low testosterone. A lot of experts are saying that low testosterone usually leads to low sexual performance levels. Simply put, ED can be a symptom of low T!

Although a lot of other causes could contribute to erectile dysfunction, low testosterone levels are usually the most common reason for the occurrence of ED. Low testosterone is a very real possibility for all kinds of men regardless of age or ethnicity.

Low testosterone levels could be the result of medication or even food so it’s really hard to determine what causes low testosterone levels.

Some men have a higher tendency to develop lower testosterone levels than other men and more often than not, those who have low testosterone levels eventually experience a decrease in libido or even erectile dysfunction.

What Now?

Sadly, there are a lot of treatments available but only a few actually work. Those who choose products like Viagra are probably going to see an immediate effect. However, ED can be a symptom of low T and erectile dysfunction caused by low testosterone levels shouldn’t be simply treated by Viagra.

The thing is, herbal supplementation will work better if you know for sure that low levels of testosterone is what’s making you limp down there.

A Checklist

First things first, you have to be 100% sure that your erectile dysfunction is caused by low testosterone levels. Go to a laboratory and have your hormone levels checked.

If it’s confirmed that you have low testosterone, check out natural herbal supplements because there’s a lower chance that you’re going to develop negative side effects. Herbal supplements target your problem at the very core, unlike more traditional drugs that only serve to correct the ED problem and not the actual cause of such problem.

Most diseases, like ED, are caused by other factors so you have to correct those other factors first before proceeding to other things. A medication that’s meant for ED is usually more expensive and will only make you dependent on them.

This is the reason why you should choose natural products that will strike at the root of the problem. Even if you’re not yet sure whether your ED can be a symptom of low T, have your levels checked to see if it’s what’s causing your sex dilemma.