ED Remedies – Medical and Natural

by Nick Swanson

As with most conditions, there are medical ways to treat it and there are natural ways. Each person’s beliefs and values will determine which type of treatment they seek out to help with their issues. This is true for erectile dysfunction (ED). Men of all ages can suffer from the effects of erectile dysfunction. Typically, older men are more likely to suffer prolonged complications from erectile dysfunction. Younger men generally experience short periods of erectile dysfunction but as they age, it may get worse. There are many ED remedies available. Some are medical and others are natural.

ED Remedies

Some people are not true believers in natural ED remedies. They do not believe in the healing powers that natural remedies bring. Even with the non believers, there have been many cases where natural remedies have done wonders for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Many of the natural remedies that are taken come in the form of pills or drinks. These are easily swallowed and they will take effect soon after. The majority of natural treatments work by relaxing the smooth muscle that surrounds the penis. When this muscle is relaxed, more blood is able to flow into the penis causing an erection.

Most ED remedies come in the medical form. A doctor will most often prescribe an erectile dysfunction medication that is taken only when needed. There are only 4 oral medications available that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These medications work in the same way as the herbal remedies by relaxing the smooth muscles around the penis. These oral medications usually take about 30 minutes to kick in and last up to 4 hours. These pills are very convenient and many men have used them with great results. It may take some time to find the right oral medication as the four are slightly different from the rest.

In more serious cases, the ED remedies will be more severe. Therapy and surgical interventions are usually where men end up when all other options have been exhausted. Therapy helps by teaching a man new techniques and positions to try to be able to maintain and sustain an erection. There are two different surgeries available. One works by reconstructing the blood veins and vessels surrounding the penis and the other type places an implant into the penis. No matter how severe the situation is, there is hope and help available for any man who wants it.