ED Solution – Many Options

A common condition that many men suffer from is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that occurs to men of all ages. This is a condition that no man wants to suffer from and many men seek out different types of ED solutions. There are different degrees of erectile dysfunction and there are different treatments for each degree. There are many treatments available but there is not right treatment that everyone can use. To find the right ED solution, some trial and error methods may need to be used. The help of a doctor is best for treating any degree of erectile dysfunction.

ED Solution

The most common ED solution that used by many men are oral pills. There are only four approved pills on the market today that are backed by the Food and Drug Administration. These pills are swallowed and work by relaxing the smooth muscles that surround the penis. Once these muscles are relaxed, the blood flow to the penis is increased and a proper erection can be achieved. These pills are taken on an as needed basis but they do take roughly thirst minutes to take effect.

Another option people seek out if pills do not work, or if they want a more permanent ED solution, is with surgery. There are two different types of surgeries available. The first type of surgery is reconstructive which fixes the veins and the blood vessels in the penis. By fixing them, blood flow in the penis can be improved and blood flow will be able to function as normal. The other type of surgery is to put an implant in the penis. The penis will be fitted with equipment to allow the penis to function normally. Surgery is usually a last ditch effort to try to cure erectile dysfunction.

Other types of ED solutions that people seek out include sex therapy and penile injections. Sex therapy is a rare solution where people go to a therapist and learn different techniques and methods to try. A qualified therapist will be able to assess the situation from a different angle than a doctor and do their best to help. Another option people can try is with penile injections. The injections work the same way as the pills do but the penis is directly injected. No matter which method is tried, there are many options available. No man needs to suffer from the effects of erectile dysfunction for long.