Effective Male Sexual Enhancement Techniques

by Nick Swanson

Sexual Enhancement Techniques

Many men are looking for the best male enhancement program for them. Male enhancement programs have been around for ages and have all made the promise of adding inches to the penis and improving the sexual experience. For men who want a lasting enhancement, the way to go may be through exercises and using different tools to see a difference in their penis size and romantic encounters.

Vacuum pumps have generally been found to have one of the highest success rates over an extended period of time. The pumps are generally used for men with erectile dysfunction, however, they are now being used as a way for male enhancement. This form is one of the best male enhancements available for the general public. Vacuum pumps work by using suction to draw blood into the penis. The pump provides an immediate temporary enlargement that is secured by a ring at the base of the penis. Extended use of the vacuum penis pumps on a regular basis can cause a permanent enhancement.

Using extenders to lengthen the penis has also been proven as a best male enhancement technique. The penis is inserted into the extender which applies traction to the organ making the cells to expand and multiply which promotes extra growth. This can also be done by using penile weights that are attached to the end of the penis. Multiple studies have been conducted showing that stretching is an effect way to have lasting male enhancement. The extender is typically used for a minimum of four hours each day for at least six months. This results in a 2 centimeter or more enhancement of a flaccid penis. Extenders did not make any change in the girth of a penis.

A hand exercise for the penis is one of the best male enhancement options that exist today. Jelqing is a long-standing exercise technique that can provide a sizeable difference if it is done correctly. If completed properly, men can see a two to four inch increase in length and a one to two increase in girth. If not done correctly, jelqing can cause scarring, pain, disfigurement and discoloration. Jelqing is a hand over hand milking motion completed on a semi-erect penis that forces blood into the organ and causes an enhancement over time. It is usually done on a daily basis beginning with 100 strokes while working toward the goal of 500 strokes.