Emotional Stress & Male Sexual Health

by Nick Swanson

There’s no question that sex is an important part of a strong, healthy relationship. It also influences overall health and happiness, and studies have found that safe, healthy sexual activity may have numerous health benefits. But problems like male impotence, premature ejaculation, and more could ruin your sexuality for you and make it hard to look forward to a sexual encounter.

Emotional Stress and Male Sexual Health

It surprises a lot of men to learn that emotional stress is usually the main cause of things like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, especially in younger guys. While testosterone deficiency, injuries, aging, and illness may have an impact on the issue at times, psychological factors are usually to blame.

There are two main types of emotional stress that will factor into your sexual performance general stress and performance anxiety. General stress involves things like money worries, job concerns, and even relationship issues that you may be feeling. When these things are weighing heavily on your mind, it can be hard to focus on enjoying sex. Your thoughts may drift back to them in the middle of a romantic encounter and ruin the experience. Even if you don’t consciously think about them, your subconscious could be so preoccupied with them that it triggers problems with male impotence.

Performance anxiety is a type of emotional stress that brings even bigger issues with it in terms of sexual performance. Sometimes it’s triggered by finally having a sexual encounter with a woman you’ve fantasized about for years. Sometimes it’s caused by a previous problem getting an erection, and the fear of it happening again suddenly creeps into your mind. No matter what, if you’re worried about the way you’ll perform in bed the chances are that your mind will sabotage the experience.

Basically, the key to overcoming erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation caused by emotional stress is usually to confront the problem. For many men just talking about it may help beat male impotence, whether the discussion is with a partner or a counselor. Dealing with the external source of stress may be another option. And if performance anxiety is the issue, often taking steps to boost confidence is enough to solve the problem. This could be simply adding male enhancement products to your life or something like masturbation to prove to yourself that you’ve still ‘got it’. No matter what, remember that many sexual issues are psychological in nature and you will likely be able to overcome them.