Enhancement Pills are Still Best for Him

Debate on which should be hailed as man’s (or manhood’s) best friend is still ongoing between the two opposing teams – male enhancement pills and penis extenders. People should not simply take sides without knowing the pros and cons of these techniques.

Men always valued their penis size because these are their main weapons in attaining pleasure and keeping their partners happy.

Why Penis Extenders or Male Enhancement Pills should be hailed

Enhancement Pills are Still Best for Him

Penis extenders are effective ways to extend the length of the penis for a better sexual performance. Unlike other instruments that should be worn for a long time, penis extenders do not inhibit you from performing other tasks. Men who are circumcised will also benefit a lot because extra shaft skin will grow as an effect of the stimulation of the extender. As a result, the skin will better accommodate your enlarged sex organ when it is fully erect.

On the other hand, male enhancement pills offer natural ways to promote the growth of the male sex organ. Although they may not necessarily enlarge the actual size of the penis permanently, they will surely promote blood flow so that erection will always happen and last. These male enhancement pills are also considered as holistic ways to improve both overall and sexual health because the natural herbal components of these drugs offer a lot of advantages such as:

  • Better circulation of blood throughout the body
  • Boost in energy
  • Increased libido
  • Blood tonic.
  • Increase in testosterone levels
  • Increase potassium levels to prevent impotence
  • Detoxify the blood
  • Decrease levels of stress, anxiety, depressions and other psychological diseases


Penis extenders have high potentials in increasing the size of the male sex organ. However, try to consider wearing it in public; it would definitely feel awkward. Users also stated that you have to wear it for a long time because its effects take a lot of time to take place. Since your penis is stretched, your first few weeks of wearing the equipment results to some pain. On top of these, penis extenders are relatively expensive and it does not treat erectile dysfunction.

Natural male enhancement pills are very much more effective compared to organ extenders although the continuous use may burn a hole in your pocket. Taking these pills will not leave you feeling embarrassed and there is no painful sensation you have to endure. Moreover, your whole body will benefit a lot from these safe male enhancement products. Impotence and erectile dysfunction along with some physical and psychological problems can be addressed by using these natural products.


Natural male enhancement pills are obviously the better option. Although it won’t help increase the size of the penis, it can take your sexual performance to the next level. Also, the various risks related to penis extenders are the turning point form most men. Just think about this: what will you do with a long penis if it is damaged and unable to attain an erection.