Enjoying Frictionless and Satisfactory Sex

by Nick Swanson

Sex is one of the necessities in life and one should ensure that this is done on a very smooth and pleasurable way. When pain or irritation is experienced during intercourse, seeing a doctor is your first option. Anyone can experience a sore penis especially if there is a lot of friction involved during sex. Medical reports estimate that there are around fifty causes of a sore penis. These may include lifestyle and hygiene, bacterial infections, fungal infestations, sexually transmitted diseases, skin problems, urinary tract infections and many other issues.

Enjoying Frictionless and Satisfactory Sex

First, it is imperative for the patient to assess the degree of the soreness. Is it epidermal, sub-cutaneous, from tip to end or just outside? The area of pain is a manifestation of the causes of the penile ailment. You should check if it has some inflammation which is characterized by red, flaky, irritated skin, blisters and/or wounds.

Once you assess the degree of soreness, you can proceed with the next step which is to find a home remedy for the condition or consult your doctor. The choice you make obviously depends on the degree of soreness.

Medical Conditions and Physical Activities Associated with a Painful Penis

  • Friction can bring penis sores because it damages the skin and may affect the nerves. People who masturbate a lot or perform sex roughly may have sores because the skin is subjected to a lot of rubbing and heat especially if there is no sufficient lubrication.
  • Poor hygiene will impede the skin of the penis from its proper function. In turn, the sex organ will feel inflamed or swelled because of a bacterial or fungal infection.
  • Sexually transmitted infections or diseases can also make the penis sore but you should not be paranoid because there are other factors that contribute to painful genitals.
  • Allergies can affect the genital region and may contribute to itching.
  • Skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis are also causes of sores.
  • Although it is a rare condition, sore penis can be attributed to penile cancers.

Penis Health is Essential

The issues stated above are easily countered by medications and preventive measures. Always remember that pain may pertain to something and you should never shrug it off.

  • Circumcision reduces the chances of acquiring penile cancer and it also makes the sores mostly localized in the shaft rather than on the other parts of the organ. It can also reduce the risk of infection since bacteria and other harmful substances can collect easily on the extra skin.
  • Do not deprive yourself of proper hygiene. Bathing will remove harmful elements from your body. Washing your sex organ before and after sex can also prevent infection from occurring.
  • Before having sex or masturbating, see to it that you and your partner are lubricated enough to lessen skin-irritating friction. There are many lubricants available that can come in different flavors.
  • Avoid things that may irritate your skin such as used certain condoms, dirty bedcover, un-sanitized sex toys, etc.
  • Always practice safe sex in order to avoid sexually transmitted infections and diseases.
  • Take antibiotics and antifungal drugs or creams depending on the degree of soreness. Of course, it is best to consult your doctor who can recommend the best treatment.
  • Give your sex organ some time to heal so that the itching and swelling will not be aggravated.

Final Note

By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can avoid friction and have a more satisfying sex life.