Erectile Disorder – Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

An erectile disorder can be frustrating for men and women. A healthy relationship has a sexual portion that is an important part of the way a couple reacts with each other. When there is an erectile disorder, that portion of the relationship suffers. But when you understand exactly what the erectile disorder is, you can start to understand how to treat it and defeat it. There are several reasons for erectile dysfunction, and almost all of them can be treated without any form of medication. In some cases, a lifestyle change will solve the problem. But, more often than not, open communication can help solve the problem as well.

An erectile disorder is an inability of the man to get an erection. It can happen to men of any age, and it can happen for any reason. One thing that men need to understand about an erectile disorder is that it happens, in one form or another, to every man at least once. The most important thing about understanding an erectile disorder is that one instance of impotence is not a continuous condition. However, the fear and anxiety that one instance of impotence can cause will often lead to a prolonged period of erectile dysfuntion. If a man remains calm and does not stress over one instance of performance problems, then there is a good chance that he can avoid long-term erectile dysfunction,

For the most part, an erectile disorder does not occur as the result of a physical problem. Men who have just had sensitive surgery in the groin area may experience an erectile disorder due to the remaining scar tissue left over from the surgery. But that is temporary and will resolve itself over time. More often than not, an erectile disorder is a mental hurdle that men need to jump before getting back to regular sexual activity. One of the ways to determine the psychological or emotional issue that could be causing erectile dysfunction is to talk frankly with your partner. Many men find that a candid discussion with their partner will often cure erectile dysfunction.

Now that erectile disorder is more well-known, more men fear that they have it when something starts to go wrong. Older men will sometimes accept an erectile disorder as part of getting older. The fact is that 70 percent of men that are age 70 or older are sexually capable. An erectile disorder does not happen at any pre-determined age and does not occur for any specific reason.