Erectile Dysfunction – A Man’s Nightmare

by Nick Swanson

While it’s true that women have many challenges in their lives that men simply won’t have to face, there are also plenty of male specific issues that can be difficult for guys to deal with. For many of us, erectile dysfunction is a nightmare that can be hard to overcome. While it may seem like something minor to women or to those who haven’t dealt with it, the fact is that ED can cause a lot of problems for guys.

Erectile Dysfunction - A Man's Nightmare

Just a quick look at some of the different things that erectile dysfunction may trigger will help you understand why it really is a man’s nightmare come to life.

  • Sexual Frustration – The obvious thing that will occur is sexual frustration. Nothing can be as frustrating as having a beautiful woman in your bed only to find out that your plumbing doesn’t work.
  • Embarrassment – However, the frustration pales in comparison to the embarrassment that can come from it. Even though all men will probably encounter ED at least once as they go through life, that doesn’t erase the shame and embarrassment that come when it occurs.
  • Relationship Issues – Not only can embarrassment make it difficult for a guy to get up the courage to call a girl back for another date, but repeated events of erectile dysfunction could lead to a woman feeling as though her man isn’t attracted to her. ED has caused numerous relationship problems, and as a result it can impact much more of a man’s life than one may think.
  • Low Self Esteem – There’s a big amount of pride and bravado in groups of guys when it comes to their sexual prowess. Debate its political correctness all you like, but the fact is that nobody wants to admit to suffering from ED. And when it occurs, it’s easy to lose a bit of your confidence and self esteem.
  • Fear – Having ED troubles will lead to fear and apprehension as you head into your next sexual encounter, which can in turn cause ED to occur again and again. It’s a vicious circle and one that will cause men to actually dread trying to have sex with their partner instead of looking forward to it.
  • Depression – All of these issues can lead to deep depression for many guys.

Simply put, erectile dysfunction can be an incredibly intense nightmare that is difficult to overcome. It’s not a pleasant problem to deal with, but there are ways to escape from its clutches.