Erectile Dysfunction Causes – An Overview

by Nick Swanson

Erectile dysfunction, while the punch line to more than a few jokes, is really no laughing matter. Erectile dysfunction causes serious troubles in the lives of the millions who are affected by it whether it is in their confidence and self-esteem or in their relationships. It’s also nothing that men should be embarrassed about. There are a number of Erectile Dysfunction Causes, and very few erectile dysfunction causes are directly related to a person’s lifestyle while none of them are tied into a person’s worth as a man. The only real way to overcome the problem is to ask for help from your doctor, and you shouldn’t hesitate in doing so.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

First, it’s important to look at the medical science behind erectile dysfunction to understand erectile dysfunction causes. Essentially, the penis becomes erect when the body increases the flow of blood moving into it. There are sponge-like tissues inside the penis that absorb the blood and cause the penis to stiffen. Erectile dysfunction causes the flow of blood entering the penis to be lessened significantly and erections are difficult to achieve or to maintain. The reasons behind this vary, and looking at the various erectile dysfunction causes can help you uncover just what could be the problem in your specific case.

Erectile dysfunction causes will be either psychological or physical in nature. The most common erectile dysfunction causes fall into the physical category, and the main one in this case is simply age. The blood vessels involved in erectile dysfunction simple operate less optimally as you age, and past the age of sixty the likelihood of the condition quadruples. Various medical conditions and other factors can play a role as well, including obesity, alcohol abuse, smoking, certain medications, diabetes, various illnesses, testosterone deficiencies, and more. When treating erectile dysfunction causes, your doctor may also need to treat the underlying conditions that are causing it.

Psychological erectile dysfunction causes will need to be addressed as well. These can include depression, stress, fatigue, and more. Performance anxiety is a very common problem and one of the major erectile dysfunction causes. Even more common with the issue are relationship issues. Counseling, medication, and other treatments could be utilized to combat the root erectile dysfunction causes along with prescription medications or other erectile dysfunction treatments. In certain cases the issue will be little more than a sign of growing older while other causes could be more serious. In any event, your doctor can help you overcome ED and its causes.