Erectile Dysfunction in Early Age: Causes & Facts

by Nick Swanson

Traditionally, erectile dysfunction is thought of as an ‘old man’s disease’ due to the fact that the older you are the more common it becomes. In fact, about half of all men aged forty to seventy are estimated to suffer from the problem. But while older men will be the most likely to face ED, there are also much younger men who deal with it as well. Young erectile dysfunction, while nowhere near as common, is still a very real concern and many men under the age of thirty suffer from the problem of Young Erectile Dysfunction. It’s worth understanding more about young erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction in Early Age: Causes & Facts

There are a handful of issues that can cause young erectile dysfunction, and knowing them can help you get to the root of the problem. Obesity is a major factor, and as the number of people in America who are obese continues to rise, so too does the number of cases of young erectile dysfunction. Heart disease and diabetes are two other issues that affect erections and problems like hardening of the arteries that reduces the blood flow in the arteries can directly affect the achievement, strength, and ability to maintain an erection. In fact, an estimated 75 percent of those with diabetes also have ED, making it a major factor in young erectile dysfunction.

But by far the most common causes of young erectile dysfunction are psychological related issues. In the majority of instances the root cause of young erectile dysfunction is depression, stress, or – most commonly, performance anxiety. Twenty five percent of young erectile dysfunction sufferers have the condition due to psychological issues. Performance anxiety such as fears that the man can’t please the woman or maintain an erection will actually lead to their fears being realized. Traumatic events that trigger mental or emotional issues could also lead to the occurrence of ED.

Placebos have actually been shown to be highly effective in treating most young erectile dysfunction when caused by psychological issues. Other problems could require very real treatments in order to overcome the issue, depending upon the patient’s situation. Sufferers of young erectile dysfunction most doctors will first assess their mind before their body and make the appropriate decisions from there. Whether you need to lose weight, stop smoking, or confront emotional issues, there is a solution for erectile dysfunction for practically anyone suffering from it. Identifying the root cause of young erectile dysfunction will often lead to the best solution.