Erectile Dysfunction in Young Males – Lifestyle Changes

by Nick Swanson

As we age, our bodies begin to slow down and some of our normal functions begin to fail. This is typically what happens with older men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that a man is said to have when he is not able to achieve an erection and keep that erection long enough to engage in sexual activity. Older men are the group who typically suffer from erectile dysfunction but erectile dysfunction in young males can happen as well. Young men lead different lifestyles than older men and their lifestyle may be what is causing their condition.

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Males

Erectile dysfunction in young males does not always show signs that young men wish to recognize. Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction are due to lifestyle choices. Men who eat poorly, who drink excessively and who smoke are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Many young men will not see their drinking or their smoking as a cause for their condition. They will play it off as a night where they indulged too much and not give it a second thought. While this may be true and caused by over indulging, there may be more to the condition that a man is dismissing.

Stress can also be a contributing factor of erectile dysfunction in young males. Graduating from college, finding their first job and starting out on their own can be very demanding and can be overwhelming. This added stress that a young man is under can be a cause of his erectile dysfunction. He, again, will most likely chalk his inability to perform sexually to his current stage in life and not think about it again.

Erectile dysfunction in young males is often not diagnosed because young men think they are not capable of suffering from this condition. Many of them are under the condition that young men are not able to fall victim to this condition but that is not true. The body is supposed to function in a certain way but if not nurtured as it should be, the body will begin to fail. This can affect a man and his ability to perform. There are many treatments available and no man, young or old, should have to suffer from this condition. If a man recognizes the signs of erectile dysfunction and takes the steps to treat his condition, he will be able to get back to a healthy sex life.