Erectile Dysfunction – Not Just an Old Man’s Disease

by Nick Swanson

When most people think about erectile dysfunction, they think of older men who have finally, after years of use, lost the ability to achieve or maintain an erection. But the fact is that it’s a problem that millions of younger men suffer from on a regular basis. In many instances, it’s just something that will occur once or twice due to nervousness, alcohol use, or other minor, temporary factors. But it’s also becoming a more constant problem for many, and today millions of young men buy male enhancement products on a regular basis to help them with their issue.

Erectile Dysfunction - Not Just an Old Man's Disease

There are several big causes of erectile dysfunction in young men. For instance, certain physical factors may come into play including things like heart disease, diabetes, or obesity. All of these issues could lead to difficulty getting and maintaining an erection and as a result it’s important to focus on healthy living.

Guys who use drugs or alcohol or who smoke cigarettes also have frequent trouble with erectile dysfunction. That’s because these substances can damage blood vessels and reduce sensation. This means that less blood can enter the penis and that it’s harder to become sexually aroused. In fact, studies suggest that smokers are 1.5 times more likely than nonsmokers to have problems with their erection.

However, the most common cause of erectile dysfuntion remains psychological in nature. In the case of younger men, the main issue is usually performance anxiety. Simply put, guys can be so worried about whether or not they’ll be able to perform up to what a woman may want that they end up ruining their ability to perform at all. Instead of focusing on enjoying the moment, they’re so worried about getting an erection that they can’t. Along with this, things like stress about money, work, and more could weigh heavy on a man and ruin his ability to perform.

No matter the specific age of a man, it’s important to understand that erectile dysfunction is something that may occur to anyone. Often, lifestyle changes and relaxation techniques are enough to overcome the issue. Adding male enhancement products to your life could also provide a boost not only of confidence, but of general performance. Beating ED as a young man is more than possible, and with today’s numerous male enhancement products and deeper understanding of what causes ED it’s easier to overcome than ever before. Young or old, it’s a real problem that has real solutions.