Answers to Some Common Erectile Dysfunction Questions

by Nick Swanson

Men with or without erectile dysfunction usually have many erectile dysfunction questions. As with any very private condition, there are some common erectile dysfunction questions that men have which can help put their mind at ease. If you have erectile dysfunction questions that you cannot find the answers to, then you should make an appointment to see your doctor. It is always a good idea to get solid medical advice on an issue as important and personal as erectile dysfunction.

Answers to Some Common Erectile Dysfunction Questions

Erectile dysfunction questions always seem to start with wondering if the condition is permanent. The answer to these kinds of erectile dysfunction questions depend on the origins of your condition. In most cases, erectile dysfunction can be treated in some way or bypassed with a penile implant. When asking these kinds of long-term questions, the best solution is to try and find good medical advice. Erectile dysfunction can sometimes be the result of a hormonal imbalance that a doctor would have to diagnose and treat. Doctors can also prescribe medication that can act as a temporary solution for erectile dysfunction. But as you are taking the medication, you should be working to find and eliminate the real cause for your condition.

One of the more serious erectile dysfunction questions is whether or not the condition is life-threatening. Answering these kinds of erectile dysfunction questions requires some clarification. Erectile dysfunction itself is not life-threatening. But these erectile dysfunction questions always come in two parts. While erectile dysfunction is not life-threatening, some of its causes could be. Erectile dysfunction causes such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes are serious medical conditions that require immediate treatment. That is why men should always talk to their doctors about erectile dysfunction.

Men of all ages ask erectile dysfunction questions about certain age groups. Erectile dysfunction can strike any man, at any age at any time. These kinds of erectile dysfunction questions can be difficult to answer because of the myriad of psychological and physical problems that can cause erectile dysfunction. But when you start asking erectile dysfunction questions about age, you should know that the condition does not discriminate. Erectile dysfunction does not care about age, race, shoe size or hair color. There is an extremely long list of erectile dysfunction causes that can affect men of any age. Psychological issues such as depression, stress, confidence, performance anxiety and over-excitement can all contribute to erectile dysfunction.