Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms – The Signs and What they Mean?

by Nick Swanson

Most people have at least a solid idea about just what Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms are and how they present themselves. But surprisingly enough the signs can often be misinterpreted somewhat, and even when they aren’t the actual symptoms are usually indicative of other, more serious conditions. If you’ve recently experienced erectile dysfunction then it’s important to understand the different types, the various symptoms, and what they could mean to you and your health. It’s easy to understand them once you review a small bit of data concerning them, and will help you when you visit your doctor about the issue.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction is simply the repeated inability to achieve or maintain an erection. The term repeated is important to note because a single incident of erectile dysfunction may not indicate a larger problem since it does, like it or not, happen to most men at one time or another. It is when erectile dysfunction symptoms persist that there is actually an issue at hand, and one that you should be aware of. If you repeatedly have trouble achieving or maintain an erection and the problem is having a negative effect on your life or your partner’s, then you need to visit a doctor for a consultation.

Your physician will investigate other aspects of the erectile dysfunction symptoms, mainly whether or not you have erections at times unrelated to sex such as during sleep. If so, then there is likely more of a psychological problem at hand and the condition could be treated with counseling. Physical erectile dysfunction is more serious and could be caused by issues like obesity, heart conditions, nerve problems, injury, diabetes, or simply growing older. Your doctor may suggest additional courses of action such as regular exercise, stopping smoking or alcohol abuse, or the inclusion of cholesterol or high blood pressure medications in your routine.

There are various causes of erectile dysfunction, but the basic Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms are hard to miss. Once you experience them regularly you’ll need to visit the doctor. It may be embarrassing or uncomfortable for you to discuss the problem with your physician, but the truth is that your problem could be a sign of other conditions that need to be addressed as well. In other words, ED symptoms could actually be a symptom of an even larger issue that you may or may not be aware of. Recognizing it and taking action could help save your sex life and your life in general.