How to Give a Hands-Free Pleasure by Erotic Hypnosis?

Have you ever experience orgasm without touching yourself physically?

What? Yes, that’s absolutely possible. The phenomenon called erotic hypnosis or ‘hyno-sex”. Erotic hypnosis is a way to seduce someone sexually through their mind. This type of hypnosis can enhance intimacy, love, and trust in a couple’s relationship while boosting sexual desires to have earth-shattering orgasms.

Applying erotic hypnosis, women can feel more sexually desired, can experience increased sexual libido and ability to eliminate shame and guilt about sexual desires. During erotic hypnosis, we enter a deep relaxation state called trance.

In a trance, our brain becomes more alert and focus on verbal suggestions. Suggestions are short messages; words can trigger certain emotions within the brain.

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A sexy voice can guide us to places in our mind that we never knew existed.

Our brain can’t tell the difference between reality or a vivid memory during hypnosis.

That’s why some people can easily fall into hypnosis just by listening to a pleasant voice giving suggestions. Remember everything happens up in your brain, not between your legs.

I am a firm believer that women’s biggest sex organ is the brain. The place where everything is related to everything. Good news guys, if you learn to communicate with the right vocal tone and use some seductive, hypnotic language, your lady will be on her knees in no time. Mastering hypnotic language will spice up your dating life.

Many times, is not what you say, but how you say it is what matters. Mastering your voice will give you great confidence and success with women.

Hypnotic language can help you make a connection with ladies instantly, pick and persuade them on almost anything you like, communicate with them and make them feel you speak their language. Last, but not least using hypnotic words can give you a better lover in bed.

Saying a few sexy words during pick up or sexual encounter can help to reach better orgasms for women (men too!).

“Who’s your ideal man in bed?” Asked my girlfriend the other day.

“I want someone who can “mindfuck me” while we are having sex.” She stated her desire.

What’s The “Mindfuck” Of The 21st Century?

Communicate Openly

It’s erotic hypnosis. During “hypo-sex” you can get completely relaxed, comfortable, open about your sexual desires, fantasies and communicate openly with your partner. You can recall any old sex scene when you were horny and had a great sexual experience.

Remember: The brain can’t make a difference between reality or vivid memory pictures, especially when in an aroused state. Why not use this to your advantage to advance your orgasmic skills?

Have you noticed within your relationship that saying certain things during sex can sexually trigger your partner’s mental and physical state? Maybe even get him/her reach hypnosis orgasm instantly?

If you master hands-free hypnosis, your partner can experience mind-blowing orgasm (aka HFO) without you doing anything to them physically.

Here Are a Couple of Tests:

Test this: You are having dinner at a fancy restaurant. You can’t sexually touch each other physically. You can start using seductive language to build on your conversations and watch what happens to her/him.

Test this: Women in the bar; two guys are trying to chat her up. One has a great look, but unable to say much and there is another man who is not particularly her type, but somehow he always says the right things at the right time.

I’m sure you all think of a situation when you did not particularly fancy a guy, but something he was saying just magnified your brain and set on fire your mind and pussy. That’s what hands-free hypnosis does to you.

Giving you a chance to open your thoughts on possibilities and experience a hands-free orgasm without being touched. I know it sounds crazy, but once you experience it, you will understand what I’m talking about.

You might not believe any of what you just read until now (it’s okay, probably you have a more left brain thinking, more realistic) or might hear some negative rep when it comes to hypnosis.

We all use hypnosis on a daily basis to some extent.

You hypnotize yourself while reading a book, watching a movie.

Best example: we regularly have been hypnotized by the television commercials. It’s not by accident how all the ads follow each other in every single movie break. They are also suggestions which, depending on how much your brain accept them you can take them onboard.

Why Not Do Erotic Hypnosis On Yourself to Become a Sex Goddess/God in Bed Instead?

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deep relaxing state where the mind is open to suggestion. Many people think that during hypnosis we are asleep or dreaming. However, this is far from the truth.

During hypnosis the brain switches on, we reach a very relaxed and alert stage where focus increase, so we become more open to suggestions.

Sex happens in the gamma stage of a human brain. You can self-hypnotize yourself, go deeper and deeper into a trance. When you are in a trance, your brain can activate ecstatic experiences such as a hand? free orgasm. So it’s true, it all happens up in mind.

It’s a popular myth that during hypnosis we have been forced to do things against our will and we would perform things that in normal life never occurs to do. However, it’s possible to make suggestions, but the participant’s brain will be conscious and only act on principles it agrees on. In my point of view, hypnosis can bring subconscious beliefs to the surface.

Whether you realize or not, you are being hypnotized on a daily basis. Hypnotic language has been used during movies, tv-programs, in magazines, etc.

Research shows that people with higher intelligence level and creativity shows a greater response being hypnotized. There are two types of hypnosis: 1 self-hypnosis) or hetero-hypnosis (hypnotizer walk you through the process) both entitled to raise your consciousness in a highly relaxing trance state.

Erotic hypnosis can make you feel and become a better lover, and moreover, your sex life can be made more intense, fun and pleasurable.

15 Easy Steps To Do Erotic Hypnosis On Yourself Or Partner

Comfortable Space

1: Find a comfortable space, where no one will disturb you
2: Sit or lay down and start focusing on your breathing
3: Breath in and out few times with the same slow pacing
4: Start visualizing a white light
5: Meditate on the light
6: Imagine the light running through your body, clearing space, healing your blockages
7: Make a first positive suggestion (make it related to what you hypnotize yourself)
8: Start counting back 10, 9, 8
9: Tell yourself to breath deeper and go deeper
10: Make 2nd positive suggestion at 7
11: Start counting 6,5,4
12: Suggest yourself go deeper and more relaxed
13: Make the 3rd positive suggestion 3
14: Countdown 3,2,1
15: By the time I reach 1, you will drift into a state (put what you like to experience) feeling relaxed and happy.

You can guide yourself or your partner through this basic hypnosis to get some basic relaxation or put sexually freeing suggestion into the mind. Once you master this process, they can even reach hands-free orgasm.

Create A Magic Word

Magic Word
A magic word can be “sexy,” I’m a goddess,” whatever you want to experience and whatever words you can relate to. This magic word will be the power switch during the erotic hypnosis suggestions to help you get into a trance state where suggestion can work best.


Walking across the bedroom. Look at your partner while saying to yourself: “I’m beautiful, sexy and powerful.” Repeating 3-5 x this statement will get you in a self-hypnotic state.

Can you easily slip in and out of hypnotic states? all you need to do, just tap your ‘third-eye’ with your fingertips. It will open and anchor the suggestions. When you want to get out, just snap your fingers.

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Snapping your fingers will instantly get you in the state of sexy and powerful next time. If you are planning to do self-hypnosis for multiple things just tap states in various places on the body, so your brain doesn’t get in confusion.

Erotic hypnosis is limitless! (be bold and let your fantasies come true!)

Most people only use three percent of their brain. Imagine the possibilities once you master your mind and able to give some positive suggestion to it, what can happen?

Ps: Don’t give up if you don’t succeed at first time with erotic hypnosis.

It’s the journey, not the destination what matters.

Practicing guided meditations daily will help you get in and out of trance easier.

Just be open-minded, willing and curious to explore.

If you like to get an Erotic Hypnosis or hypnotized reach out to me. Although, If you want to explore some testosterone booster such as Prime Test Review; which help you t boost the testosterone level.

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