Euro Extender – Does Euro Extender Work?

by Nick Swanson

Euro extender is a device that is worn under the clothes to help in gradually and permanently increase the penis size of any male individual. It is a comfortable device with no complications at all as long as you are able to put it on. Euro extender can always be put to a stop or used less often in case of any discomforts or complications. To ensure you have a long lasting comfort, it has a system of super comfort pads and straps to aid in that. This device gives greater results when you wear it as much as you can. Euro extender as a device provides you with a permanent effect on your penis size unlike pill enhancement supplements. This device is available in two sizes, that is regular 4 inches + or small 2.2 inches+

You can obtain Euro Extender directly from its official website at the below mentioned prices:

  • $99.95 for the device itself
  • $199.95 for the complete program which includes the device, pills and exercises

Manufacturer information and claims about Euro Extender

Euro Extender

Euro extender tends to owned by the same company which owns the X4 Labs as it is also endorsed by the same medical professionals. These manufacturers claim that Euro extender penis extender is effective up to 99%.The manufacturers also offer generous warranties on various parts of the device such that if in any case any part breaks be it metal or plastic, it is replaced free of charge. They also claim that if after a period of six months you have seen no benefit from this device, you can simply return it and even be able to keep any free bonus items that were included as your free gift. To get

How Euro Extender Works?

This device works through a process called traction. When you apply gentle but consistent traction to the penis, it causes the penile tissues to expand so as to accommodate the stretching. During erection, the pills increase the flow of blood into the penile cavities and thus forcing the chambers to increase in size to accept the blood increase. Exercises train your tissues and skin to become more elastic so that they can again accommodate any changes in size.

Components of Euro Extender

Euro Extender comes in two different packages in which case you can choose the suitable device according to your size.

  • Euro Extender only
    This comes with the device only
  • Euro Extender Penis Enlargement System
    This includes longer and extensive bars with high spring tension than the euro extender only. With it also come more comfort straps and memory foam pads. Various extra items aimed to help in penis enhancement like the penis enhancement supplement and penis exercise tutorials also come with the euro extender penis enlargement system.

Advantages of Euro Extender

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty on its parts and labor
  • It assures you of maximum comfort while in use
  • It is certified as a CE Type 1 product
  • It offers a six month guarantee on the Euro Extender Penis Enlargement System
  • It is affordable compared to other penis extenders in the market
  • It provides you with tutorials on how to operate the device on the euro extender penis enlargement system
  • This device can be worn under the clothes

Disadvantages of using Euro Extender

  • It is only available on its official website
  • You cannot fit it on before you purchase

How to use Euro Extender?

This is a traction device thereby you just need to apply gentle but consistent traction to the penis which in the end results in longer and wider male organs.

Precautions associated with the use of Euro Extender

  • Follow instructions given on the manual carefully and adhere to them to the latter
  • Keep away from the reach of children
  • It should only be used by men who are 18 years and above
  • It does not work for men with Peyronie’s disease

Side Effects

This device has been medically tested and is proven to be safe to use.

Does it interact with any medication?

Euro Extender is a device which has been proven to be safe for use. There is no review that shows its interaction with any medication but of importance, you should always consult first with your doctor before using the device.

Final Verdict

Small, short or even curvature penis is a letdown to almost all men. This lowers their morale of having sex and usually has some horrible sexual experiences. Euro Extender is a penis