Excessive Masturbation Crosswise Effects

Masturbation is completely natural, healthy, and certainly isn’t going to make you go blind or grow hair on your palms. While it’s come a long way and is no longer regarded as embarrassing or shameful by most, the fact is that there is such a thing as too much masturbation.

Excessive Masturbation Crosswise Effects

Done in moderation, there is no question that it’s fully healthy, completely normal, and one more aspect of human sexuality that we all need to embrace. In fact, it can even help with male enhancement when you need to learn more about how to prolong ejaculation or boost your sexual stamina. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.

But whether you’re doing it for pure fun or just as a way of male enhancement, there are some who masturbate a little bit too often. In terms of what qualifies as too much, there’s a lot of debate. Some doctors say that ejaculating more than two or three times a week may not be healthy, while others say that once a day is just fine. Those who masturbate to climax several times a day, however, could be suffering from over masturbation.

So what kind of effects will over masturbation have on the body and your health? A few different things are possible.

  • It could cause a disruption of your body chemistry. Some evidence suggests that masturbating multiple times per day could eventually lead to memory loss, lack of concentration, and other mental issues.
  • One of the biggest issues is related to sex, and may actually be counterproductive to male enhancement. Too much masturbation can actually lead to things like trouble maintaining an erection or delayed orgasm. When you’re ejaculating several times a day on your own, those moments when you’re with a woman could be hard to maintain. You may last for over a half hour without coming close to orgasm, and you could have a hard time keeping it up.
  • Over exposure to internet pornography has actually become a serious problem according to some researchers, and it could actually lead to problems with your relationships. You may find that you’d prefer masturbation to actual sex, which in turn can put a big strain on your relationship.

In most cases masturbation is a normal, healthy aspect of your sexuality and you should never ignore it outright. But remember that there are some instances where you’re just doing it too often. Keep things in moderation, and you’ll find that your sex life is improved as a result.