Exercise – An Option For Male Enhancement

by Nick Swanson

Exercise - An Option For Male Enhancement
Most of the male enhancement products for sale today are pills or supplements. Not every client is interested in taking a medicine, even if it is deemed as all natural, as a way to see improvements in their sex life. The best alternative for these men is to follow a natural male enhancement exercise program. There are quite a few exercises that can be done, with or without equipment, to increase the size or performance of their penis.

One of the oldest and possible most well known natural male enhancement exercise is a move called “jelqing,” or milking. Jelqing is centuries old and is believed to have started in Arabic countries. Men who practice this exercise have claimed to added two to four inches in length and one to two inches in girth to their penis by following this exercise. To do this exercise, warm up the penis by applying heat for 10 to 15 minutes. When sufficiently warm, apply generous lubrication and get the penis to a semi-erect state. Then make an OK symbol with fingers and place at the base of the penis. Move toward the head of the penis increasing pressure with each stroke and switching hands each time. Start with 100 strokes and work up to 500. It is important not to orgasm during the exercise. If the urge comes, stop the exercise and resume when the feeling passes.

Another natural male enhancement exercise is called ballooning. The main goal of ballooning is pushing back the urge to orgasm. To do this exercise, practice withholding ejaculation during sexual activities. Do this by placing a hand over the glans during orgasm. Over time, the spongy tissues in the penis will expand and stretch. While it takes time to get the hang of this exercise, men who have done it have reported a penis growth of one to three inches as well as increased sexual stamina and lower premature ejaculation rates.

Other natural male enhancement exercises require equipment, such as weights or pumps. Weights and stretchers can aid penis growth by applying continuous tension to the organ which can stimulate growth. Also, the penis tissue can swell resulting in additional enhancement. Pumping is a widely practice enhancement exercise. To do this a vacuum pump is needed that will apply suction to the penis. Blood flow is boosted resulting in a temporary increase in size and over time a permanent small enhancement can be seen. There are a wide variety of penis weights, pumps and stretchers available online and in adult gift stores.