Why Exercise Can Give Your Sex Life a Boost

Making time for regular exercise is hard work. Whilst some people get a huge kick out of sweating their ass off in the gym, people with busy lifestyles already would rather slump in front of the TV with a cold beer than run for 20-minutes on the treadmill.

There is also the fact that exercising can lead to injuries, which are rarely pleasant, as anyone currently suffering from plantar fasciitis pain knows to their cost. But, if your sex life is a bit below par lately, exercising might just give you the boost you need to get frisky between the sheets. Here’s why!

Runner’s High

It may sound counterintuitive, but exercise does make us feel good. Runner’s high is that moment of elation at the end of a workout when you are on top of the world and you feel an uncontrollable urge to do lots of fist pumps in the air.
This is no accident. Exerting your body during a workout causes the brain to release endorphins.

It’s nature’s way of ensuring we continue to exercise and stay fit. As a side effect of that ‘feel good’ feeling, endorphins trigger the release of sex hormones. The same thing happens after sex. Sex hormones slow our heart rate down, make us feel nice and relaxed, and lower our blood pressure.

Yes, there is a clear and unequivocal link between exercise and sex, which explains why Winter Olympics athletes made use of around 37 condoms each[1]. Fit people have a lot of sex – another great reason to start working out more.

Runners High

Testosterone Boost

Continuing with the theme of sex hormones, it has been shown that lifting weights also releases testosterone, another key sex hormone. Pumped weightlifters experience spikes in human growth hormone, which triggers the body to release testosterone. As you are probably aware, testosterone is linked to libido.

If your testosterone [2] levels are high, you are more likely to feel ‘in the mood’ for some sexy time. Therefore, if your sex life has dwindled, introduce strength training into your life.
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Cardiovascular Health

Sex is good exercise. A vigorous 20-minute session between the sheets gets the blood pumping (in more ways than one) and leaves us breathless and sweaty. However, if your fitness levels are low, you will be limited to what you can cope with. Lying there like a beached seal is hardly exciting, for you or your partner.

The fitter you are, the more athletic you will be, so all those Karma Sutra positions you’ve been dying to try will soon be within reach. In addition, exercise helps to increase your flexibility.

Cardiovascular Health

Exercise and Self-Esteem

It’s no secret that body confident people have better sex. After all, it’s impossible to achieve an orgasm if you are too busy worrying about your wobbly tummy or love handles. Working out tones and strengthens the body, which in turn boosts our self-esteem.

Exercise really can rev up your sex drive, so give it a try today!

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