Exercise the Pubococcygeus Muscle and End Premature Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

Pubococcygeus Muscle and End Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects a significant number of men around the world and in most cases it is one of the major causes of problems in marriages. Women usually don’t like men often referred to as “Mr. one minute man” because such men don’t satisfy them sexually. Premature ejaculation can also make a man to have a decreased self-confidence particularly towards women. Fortunately for men with the problem of premature ejaculation there is a way out for them to address it. Find out below what you can do to address the problem of premature ejaculation;

Exercising the Pubococcygeus Muscle

The best method to start off is by exercising the pubococcygeus muscle often referred to us PC muscle. Apart from having a healthy cardiovascular system and adequate amounts of testosterone in your body the PC muscle is also an important factor for you to experience a strong and long lasting erection.

Both men and women have the PC muscle and it usually stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx covering the base of the pelvic cavity thus supporting the pelvic organs. The muscle in most cases is usually exercised by women in order for them to strengthen their pelvis floor muscles. Men too who exercise the PC muscle stand to gain great benefits like; increasing their erectile strength and duration, stop premature ejaculation, and be in a position to experience multiple orgasms.

So What Effect Does The PC Muscle Have on Erectile Strength and Stamina?

It is a known fact that the basic physiological mechanism responsible for an erection is off course the process by which the arteries that supply blood to the penis dilate thus allowing enough blood to pass to the spongy tissue chambers that results to erection of the penis making it long and stiff. When the veins don’t close well or open up again, an erection is lost so by exercising the PC muscle you will be able to keep the veins closed.

How to Exercise the Poboccygeus Muscle?

Exercising the PC muscle basically consists of contracting and relaxing the muscles that make a portion of the pelvic floor repeatedly.

So How Will You Find The PC Muscle?

It is the PC muscle that controls urine flow when it contracts urination stops and when it relaxes urine comes out. Next time you go to the toilet to urinate you can start off by contracting and relaxing your PC muscle in a repeated manner and you will see that when you contract it, urine flow will cease and when you relax it urine will flow out freely. Once you have mastered the art of contracting and relaxing your PC muscle you can go ahead and include it in your exercises program. The PC muscle just like any other muscle in the body if given proper rest has the ability of replenishing itself and developing hence becoming even stronger. When it grows big and becomes stronger the end result will be a strong and long lasting erection for you.

Perform the Kegel Exercises to Strengthen Your PC Muscle

Just like lifting weights will help to keep you stronger and feel confident so does performing Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are designed to help you strengthen your PC muscle. The benefits of Kegel exercises for men are robust. Kegel exercises for men who have undergone prostate surgery will help restore bladder control. For some men Kegel exercises has helped them deal with erectile dysfunction, delay premature ejaculation, and in some instances helped boost their libidos.

Usually your PC muscles are strong when you are still young but start to weaken as you age thus becoming inefficient. You can help restore the efficacy of your PC muscle by strengthening it by way of exercises.

Below are some tips that will help you in your PC muscle exercises:

  • Flexing the PC muscle
    Flex your PC muscle at least twenty times by holding it for one to two seconds every time and then release. You can repeat the procedure three times every day. While doing this you are advised not hold back your breath and just continue breathing normally.
  • Squeeze your PC muscle
    You can take like five seconds to slowly squeeze your PC muscle as tight as much as possible be careful though not to hurt yourself. Hold the tension for at least five to six seconds, if you can, then release slowly for the next five or so seconds.
  • Intermediate exercises
    Contract your PC muscle long and even more because after following the above tips you should be able to do this because the PC muscle actually responds to stimulus and also grow when being used.


A lot of men have been experiencing from premature ejaculation and this experience is such an embarrassing experience. If you are one of them and you want to end this right now, then the tips above would surely help you a lot. It needs time and work though but it is worth it.