Hot Flashes in Men

by Nick Swanson

Experience Hot Flashes

Many people think that hot flashes are a symptom that only women experience as they venture through menopause. Men can actually experience menopause. There are many reasons that cause men to experience hot flashes. Some of these reasons can include an influx of hormones, andropause, an illness or nutritional deficiencies. Hot flashes in men can appear seemingly out of nowhere. The man’s face becomes flushed, and they may experience facial sweating. Sometimes chills can follow a sweating episode. Hot flashes can be controlled with medication or hormone replacement therapy. There are also ways to prevent hot flashes from occurring.

Hot flashes in men can be caused by an increase of hormones over time. Just like women who experience menopause, men can go through a change of life experience called andropause. Andropause is associated with a decrease in production of the hormone called testosterone. This is marked by a decrease in sexual desire, infertility and an inability to attain or keep an erection. The symptoms can appear as early as 40 years of age, and can oftentimes become worse after 70 years of age. Hormone replacement therapy can be used to treat men who are experiencing symptoms of andropause to minimize the symptoms.

Sometimes men can experience hot flashes due to a medical illness or prostate cancer. The therapy used to treat prostate cancer can cause a low testosterone level in a man. This can cause the symptoms of andropause to occur, causing these hot flashes in men. These hormone levels can be identified by a physician, and can be treated according to the diagnosis. A prostate tumor is signified by testicular pain, and this can be accompanied by sweating and flushing, because the hormones are affected. When the hormone levels are affected, this can cause many symptoms including flushing and sweating to occur.

Treatment for hot flashes in men can range from hormone replacement therapy to changing ones diet. Dietary factors that can contribute to these types of flushing or sweating episodes include allergic reactions to certain foods or too much consumption of the additive MSG. Keeping a food journal can help to determine which foods may be causing the reaction. Many men find they are able to prevent the symptoms from occurring by eliminating MSG from their diet entirely. If the symptoms are caused by hormone disruptions, the replacement therapy is one of the most successful ways to prevent the reactions from occurring.