Factors That Can Cause Impotence In Men

by Nick Swanson

When men start experiencing impotence, the first thing that they want to know about is the potential impotence causes and how to combat them. Many men believe that impotence causes have to be medical because it can be difficult to understand how sexual activity is affected by other factors. The best way to find out if your impotence causes are physical is to talk to your doctor. A scar from a previous surgery could be blocking an important blood vessel or medication you are taking could be causing the problem. It is possible that your impotence origins are physical and your doctor can let you know quickly if the problem can be solved medically. But you need to be prepared for the possibility that the causes are not medical.

What Causes Impotence in Men?

One of the more prominent Impotence Causes is bad diet and physical conditioning. As we age, we tend to gain weight. That weight gain winds up being one of the most common impotence causes along with eating too much processed sugars and fatty foods. Some men have no problem gaining weight and maintaining their sexual virility. But other men run into several problems when gaining weight. One of the reason why weight gain is one of the common impotence causes is that weight gain can cause high blood pressure and high blood pressure will lead to erectile dysfunction issues. Change your diet to something healthier and start exercising to combat impotence.

Some men spend much of their teen and adult years drinking and smoking. What they do not know is that drinking and smoking can be impotence causes. Both cigarette smoke and alcohol act as impotence causes because they constrict the blood vessels and slow the flow of blood in the body. The other problem with smoking is that it can cause high blood pressure, and we have already learned that high blood pressure is one of the many impotence causes. Men who have been smoking and drinking for years may want to curb those habits if impotence starts to appear. It will improve your sex life and your overall health.

Another one of the common Impotence Causes is anxiety about sex or disinterest in sex. These are also more common than many people realize and they are very real impotence causes. If you are experiencing these impotence causes, then talking to a therapist or just talking to your partner about what you are feeling can help to solve the problem.