Facts about Penis – Much Information

The penis is a male organ that has much attention focused on it. This attention comes from different sources such as scientific sources, medical sources and friends talking amongst themselves. The majority of men is proud of their penis and believes that theirs is superior to other men and their penises. There have been many studies done about the penis, there have been countless jokes made about the penis and yet there are more facts about penis we have yet to learn. We currently know much about the penis but still studies are ongoing to learn more about it and what factors affect it.

Facts about Penis

Some facts about penis that we do know have to do with smoking. Smoking cigarettes affects the blood flow around the body and to the penis. Smoking reduces the amount of blood flowing in the body and this can cause erectile dysfunction problems for the man. Another fact that has been learned about smoking and the penis is that smoking can shorten the length of the penis by up to one centimeter. Blood flow is what causes erections and what keeps the penis at its current length. If the blood to the penis is restricted, not as much blood is filling the penis and the length can be affected.

Other facts about penis that we do know have to do with the penis acting like it has a mind of its own. While a man does have control over his penis and what it does, the penis is not reactive to muscles. The penis is controlled by the nervous system and many of the reactions a penis has are due to subconscious feelings. Because of this, a man may feel like his penis is acting on its own and that he does not have much control over it.

The penis is a part of the body like any other limb or organ and because of this, it is affected by diseases, infections and other issues like the rest of the body would be. We do know many facts about penis but there is still much to learn about the penis. The way a man lives his life can affect how the penis works and can affect his sex life. If a man leads a healthy lifestyle and takes care of himself, his body, to include his penis, will be healthy and continue to function at a normal level for a long time to come.