Facts About Sexual Problems in Men

by Nick Swanson

It has been an ‘urban legend’ that sexual function problems are prerequisites of getting old. But the truth is there are recent medical communities proving that this myth is wrong. Actually, there are various treatments for sexual problems which older men can use. Now, they cannot complain about their sexual inactivity—there are available solutions these days!

Facts About Sexual Problems in Men

Here are some of the sexual problems which an older man can experience:

  • The inability to maintain or even acquire an erection, which is the satisfactory part among women—this is also called erectile dysfunction or impotence,
  • The lack of desire or interest in sex—also called diminished libido,
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Inhibited or delayed ejaculation.
  • What are the Causes of Sexual Problems among Men?

    For the case of erectile dysfunction, the main problem is the limited blood flow. When this flow is being blocked, the penis cannot reach a steady erection. The most common causes of this blood flow limitation are diabetes, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, drug abuse, alcoholism, or normal aging.

    But there are also psychological issues such as the following:

    • Depression – The common symptoms of depression are the lack of interest in sex and the loss of libido. Depression comes normally in men when they are aging. However, the reason why a lot of old men are just living with the fact that they are impotent is because they are ashamed or embarrassed to tell this problem to their doctors, when, in fact, there are remedies in this kind of situation.
    • Performance Anxiety – It is normal to have erectile failures. The problem with some men is that they suddenly felt anxious when they failed to have erections. Thus, this brings the shift of focus from sensual experience to anxiety.
    • Lack of Sensate Focus – As men grow old, their interests and concerns increase. Sometimes, in the middle of sexual intercourse, the man gets preoccupied with money and work. He will then lose his focus on sex—when this happens, erection can be hard to maintain.

    Fortunately, there are treatments for sexual problems.

    Sexual Problems Treatments

    The main goal of all the available treatments is to achieve and to maintain an erection so that there can be sexual satisfaction. These are the known treatments for sexual problems:

    • Male Enhancement Drugs – These work by increasing the substances which help the penis to maintain erection. These medications can restore potency in approximately 70% in men.
    • Penile Self-Injections – The user injects a medication into his penis. The injection will let the penis’ blood vessels to expand so that the blood flow will not be limited. This regular flow will encourage erection.
    • Vacuum – Assisted Erection Devices – These devices use pressure to draw blood in the penis. This will hold the blood inside so that it remains erect.
    • Testosterone Replacement Therapy – This therapy is advised when the testes do not have enough testosterone.
    • Psychotherapy and Psychoactive Medications – If the causes of the erectile dysfunction are anxiety, depression and distractions, these medications are prescribed by doctors.