Fenugreek Ingredients– How Beneficial It Is For Male & Female Health?

by Cheryl Powers

Most consumers will recognise Fenugreek as being a seed that is often used in Indian cooking. However, it is also supportingly being used as a herbal supplement, most commonly in female breast enhancement products, but also in male sexual enhancement brands. Fenugreek is known to benefit digestive conditions and also help support milk production on lactating women, but tests have shown that it can also significantly raise the levels of the male sex hormone Testosterone. By taking a product containing fenugreek, men can help treat loss of libido, a condition that results in lack of sexual desire and drive. Loss of libido can be due to stress, illness or even age, and while severe lack of sexual function should be discussed and treated by a medical professional, mild forms may be helped with the use of a fenugreek supplement.


The reason fenugreek is so beneficial for this type of condition is because it is comprised largely of amino acid and saponins, substances that, like the natural ingredient Tribulus, support sexual stimulation and the production and availability of testosterone. In addition to improving the libido, the higher levels can also support male fertility and virility, help improve the metabolism for enhanced fat loss, and help them in athletic performance by supporting stamina and endurance.

While Fenugreek can be used in the daily diet, for treatment of the libido, it is recommended that it is taken in the form of a concentrated oral capsule. There are many different brands available on the market in a range of prices. A simple Fenugreek supplement can be purchased at an affordable price, but often it is found combined with other beneficial male enhancement ingredients, which would support the cost somewhat. Most Fenugreek supplements would require a daily dosage, allowing the formula to build up in the system overtime.

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