Five – Minute Dry Run of Premature Ejaculation Impotence

Men highly take pride in their ability to satisfy their partners in bed. Some of them consider it very emasculating when they have the condition known as premature ejaculation impotence. A condition that is described to be a frequent and inevitable ejaculation before the partner reaches orgasm or during unwanted times.

In fact, this sexual disorder is one of the feared abnormalities by men. Scientifically speaking, constant sexual pleasure felt due to constant stimulation triggers the body to release hormones that will instruct the nerves in the head of the penis to reach ejaculatory phase. The time for one person to achieve this state varies depending on several factors and circumstances.

Understanding Premature Ejaculations

Five-Minute Dry Run of Premature Ejaculation Impotence

Everyone is a contender for this kind of sexual problem and it is always wrong to look down on people who suffer from this condition. Even sex experts can acquire premature ejaculation impotence later on. Scientists classify rapid climax as primary (acquired even before puberty) and secondary (acquired in the future).

For some, premature ejaculation impotence means ejaculating in less than two minutes. But some scientists are trying to void this idea since research studies established that around three quarters of men have an orgasm within two minutes of penetration. Ejaculation should not be determined by the time a person ejects his stored juices. Because as long as he has the ability to sustain his partner’s needs, then there is no such thing as early climax.

Determinants of Prolonged Intercourse

There are several things that are associated with the success of sexual activity. They are as follows:

  • Experience is the best teacher. This applies even in bed. Premature ejaculations are usually experienced by guys who lack the experience when it comes to sex. Even the slightest touch of the partner will highly arouse a guy if it is his first time to love make.
  • The neurotransmitter serotonin modulates ejaculation. Enough supply of serotonin should be present in the body so that unwanted and rapid climax will be avoided.
  • Genetic make up of an individual is also a determinant. In one scientific study, 91% of men who are victims of premature climax throughout their lives can pass on the trait to a first-relative.
  • Performance anxiety is one of the prevalent enemies of people who have active sex lives. This psychological disorder can contribute to the inability of one person to perform well in bed and stay strong until his lover reaches climax.

The Bottom Line

Many approaches have been devised as escape from the dreaded sexual condition. Sex therapy, psychological counseling and medication of sex enhancers are some of the known remedies against premature ejaculation. Men who have this kind of impotence should surrender to the idea because the first step of surviving a disorder is to accept it.