Fix Premature Ejaculation – Ways to Fix Premature Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

There are many ways that you can fix premature ejaculation. The first thing that you need to do to fix premature ejaculation is to figure out what is causing it. Most men would prefer to try and figure out how to fix premature ejaculation on their own rather than go to their doctor. It is an embarrassing and often depressing problem so this is understandable. However, if you have tried everything that you have been able to find and you still need help to fix premature ejaculation then you should discuss your problem with your doctor. It is possible that here is a physical problem.

Fix Premature Ejaculation

One thing your doctor may suggest to help fix premature ejaculation is to do Kegel exercises. You may have heard about these exercises. They are often recommended to women to help strengthen their pelvic regions, especially after childbirth. Kegel exercises can be an effective way to fix premature ejaculation. It is difficult for you to last long enough if you do not have the muscle control to do it and Kegel exercises can give you that control to fix premature ejaculation. Your doctor can teach you to do Kegel exercises, which require no equipment and are an easy way to fix premature ejaculation.

Your doctor may also suggest yoga or at least regular stretching as a means to fix premature ejaculation. This may seem like a foolish suggestion to fix premature ejaculation but it can actually have a powerful effect on the problem. Men tend to hold stress and muscle tension in their pelvic region and sometimes in the abdominal muscles. Combined with the tension of the sex act, the position you are in, and any anxiety you feel this can make you more prone to premature ejaculation. Remove this tension and you may be able to fix premature ejaculation.

Another method that your doctor may suggest to help fix premature ejaculation is to manage your stress and anxiety. Premature ejaculation is strongly connected to how stressed you are. Men usually do not talk about their worries or their problems, preferring instead to try and deal with those problems on their own. Reaching out to others can help you fix premature ejaculation by removing some of that tension. The more stressors you have, the more you need to communicate to fix premature ejaculation. This can help reduce your stress, performance anxiety, and lead to better relationships.