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This is the best artificial vagina sex toy, whose covering mimic’s flashlight, used by heterosexual men. It is used by men as a masturbatory aid. It is also used by gays. It was invented by Steve Shubin as a tool for sperm collection. The inventor was awarded for his good work. Fleshlight is manufactured and marketed by Interactive Life Forms (ILF). The sex toy resembles an oversized flashlight so one cannot know what you are up to.

Fleshlight has an inner sleeve consisting of flesh-like material. Housing the inner sleeve is a plastic case. The sleeve has a vulva and other different internal structures that resemble the internal anatomy of the female reproductive system. There are different forms of openings, that is, vagina, mouth and anus to suit interests of various individuals. Over 4 million Fleshlight sex toys have been sold by Interactive Life Forms (ILF). This data prove that Fleshlight is a number one selling sex toy product in treating many men worldwide. Fleshlight is sold cheaply by ILF and when you purchase two you get one Fleshlight for free.

How Fleshlight Works?


It is an artificial vagina made from rubber used by masturbators. Fleshlight works efficiently because of it soft texture and gives the best results. Fleshlight is easy to use. The different models work differently in stimulation sexual sensation in men. The models differ in terms of shapes, colors, inserts and vibrator add-ons. They have varied textures that make a make feel great. They create a sensation similar to the one created by a real vagina. The inner sleeve of Fleshlight is warmed in hot water for a few minutes to give a better sensation.

Which Fleshlight Works Best?

There are different models of the Fleshlight product in the market that user can choose. They differ in terms of colors, vibrator add-ons, shapes and inserts.

For starters, the original Fleshlight is the best product. Although Fleshlight original is too smooth and does not give the expected sensation, it is much cheaper.

There is another one called Stamina Training Unit (STU). This is good for those who would want to start and go slow. It is very suitable for those men who want to use only one product and a product that improved their sexual stamina. Stamina Training Unit is therefore the healthiest way of enhancing sexual performance.

Fleshlight Pure is another brand that delivers a unique experience. It variedly stimulates good sensation and has a canal that has varied textures and degree of tightness. This brings out total satisfaction.

Stoya Destroya gives one a unique sexual experience. It well textured to give a good sexual sensation. Apart from varied texture, Stoya Destroya has tightness that resembles a real vagina.

Fleshlight Benefits

Fleshlight has so many benefits to men who are looking for sexual satisfaction. These benefits include;

  • It is easier to use.
  • The latest models give have varied textures that give the great feeling during masturbation.
  • There are so many varieties designed to cater for varied interests.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is very light and highly portable.
  • It has no side effects.
  • Fleshlight is very cheap. It does not cost much, instead there are discounts offered on higher purchases.
  • Because it mimics a flashlight no one can know your intentions.
  • Some models like STU (Stamina Training Unit) help one develop sexual stamina.
  • It has screw cap that allows the user to adjust the level of suction when in use.
  • There are different inner sleeves that match the vaginas of different porn stars worldwide.

Fleshlight Drawbacks

There are very few disadvantages related to use of Fleshlight.

  • One must warm the inner sleeve in hot water to get better results.
  • One must use a lot of lube when he is using the sex toy.
  • It a feeling of dirt when using Fleshlight.
  • The original Fleshlight is too smooth and thus is not much fun. The Fleshlight original does not have varied textures like a real vagina.

When it should be used

Fleshlight can be used by masturbators at anytime and anywhere. It is very effective for all individuals seeking exploit sexual pleasure from an artificial vagina.

Final Verdict

Fleshlight is highly recommended for use by masturbators and gays. There are different forms of Fleshlight openings resembling a vagina, mouth and even anus for gays. Fleshlight is cheaper and highly affordable to many men. The sex toy is easy to use and even clean. There are so many models of the inner sleeves of the sex toy that suits individual’s tastes and preferences. The product does not only stimulate sexual sensation but also elevate sexual stamina that enhances sexual performance. There are so many customer reviews showing customer satisfaction after use of Fleshlight sex toy. Fleshlight gives you the best results anytime you feel like. It is a solution that has helped millions satisfies their sexual needs.

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