What Are The Impact Of Our Daily Foods In Our Sexual Life?

We have spent the last 30mins kissing, touching, and whispering sexy fantasies in each other’s ears. He begins to play my body in all the right ways and I am fully aroused and ready to be penetrated in all sense of the word.

I want him in this moment and so begin to stroke and caress him in my hands but despite my attempts he remains only partially aroused under my divine focus.

He apologizes again and again and swears that it has nothing to do with me in this moment and that he is just getting old and so tells me, the sex coach, that ‘it happens’ because of his age.

In that moment I don’t say anything to him but I am very aware that this moment of erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with me but also has nothing to do with his age because he is only in his early forties.

This issue is due to the same reason that he has pungent semen and constant fatigue. What it has to do with is him and the lack of care he is giving to what is going into his body.

In my career as a Sex and Relationship coach individuals and couples come to me complaining of many different sexual issues. When talking to male clients about issues of Erectile Dysfunction, Lowered libido, or stamina issues, one of the first things we often end up talking about is their health and exercise patterns.

Oftentimes people are surprised at how much their food choices are impacting how they are performing in the bedroom and even impacting their partner’s desire for them.

A healthy diet is imperative to not only a healthy life overall but particularly a healthy sex life.

What we eat is such an ingrained piece of our daily lives and so thus a hard aspect to change that many times it is something that many men want to either ignore or struggle to make lasting change.

Though they still desire a hot and heavy sex life which simply cannot be sustained on a diet heavy in fast foods, carbs, saturated fats, and red meats.

Food That Reduces Sex Life Info

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): In recent studies it has been shown that one of the causes of ED issues is due to vascular problems. Meaning that if a food is bad for your heart then it’s also bad for your erection!

If your body is not able to appropriately circulate blood to the penis then it is going to make it more difficult for an erection to be present. Erection difficulties can also be a sign of early heart issues and so something to always bring to your doctor’s attention.

Massachusetts Male Aging Study[1] found a connection between ED and diet, in that men eating more fruits, vegetables, and less red meats and processed foods were less likely to experience difficulties with ED issues.

In this study tobacco and anxiety/depression were also correlated to higher rates of ED. So incorporating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats is imperative if you are wanting to be able to keep up with your woman in bed.

Lowered Libido: (Alcohol)

Lowered Libido
There are many factors that can be the culprit of loss of libido. One is the above issue of erectile dysfunction and the mental fallout of this issue. Others include but are not limited to stress, depression, and medications to name a few.

Though many don’t know that the food you eat but also the things you drink can have a huge impact on this as well.

Alcohol is a known depressant and thus impacts your ability to become aroused and maintain an erection. Alcohol impacts aspects of your nervous system that are needed in order to become aroused including respiration, circulation, and sensitivity to sensation.

Diet sodas also can mean the death of your sex drive since the artificial sweeteners used have been linked to decreased levels of serotonin. Serotonin is one of the key neurotransmitters that impact sexual desire and so when serotonin levels are low so is your sexual desire.

These same artificial sweeteners lowering your serotonin levels also increase depression and a hallmark of depression is lack of desire for not only life but also sex.

Stamina: Even if you are not struggling with any of the above issues but you find yourself not being able to keep up in bed with your woman you may need to look at your diet and exercise.

Stamina issues in bed can be caused by a variety of issues but the truth is that often it comes down to choosing foods that have your overall health and fitness level down. Sex is a strenuous activity and includes you needing good lung capacity, heart health, and circulation.

If you are a man that is consistently eating lots of red meat, fatty foods, alcohol, and carbs then you are going to have a difficult time maintaining the proper health needed to engage in truly good orgasmic sex.

Semen & Sperm Issues: Yep, your little swimmers and your semen are also greatly impacted by the foods you place in your body. Processed red meats and a diet made up of full-fat dairy have both been shown to decrease sperm counts in men.

A 2014,Harvard Study[2]study done found that consistent consumption of processed meats decreased sperm count by 23% and a study done in 2013 by Human Reproduction[3] showed 2 servings of full-fat dairy per day lowered the rate of motile sperm in otherwise healthy participants.

Your sex life also isn’t always about your performance but also having others to engage with sexually and many foods impact your semen quality to where a woman is going to be immediately turned off.

If your diet is low in fresh fruits and vegetables and high in fats, carbs, and alcohol it will cause a change in the taste and smell of your semen.

Big beer drinkers should take heed that due to the extremely yeasty nature it can easily turn your semen smelly and sour tasting. Let’s face it boys but most women don’t want funky semen anywhere in them, on them, or in them and so this decreases your likelihood of receiving not only oral sex but sex in general.

Big Beer Drinkers

Yeast Infections: You could be the culprit of your woman’s yeast infections and thus be shutting down your own chances of having sex. Yeast is a tricky thing in that it first begins in the gut and can overtake an entire body and manifest through jock itch, ear infections, athlete’s foot but is most often talked about in terms of women’s vaginal yeast.

Although yeast infections are not officially considered an STD/STI they can be transmitted from partner to partner during sexual contact. Foods that increase yeast growth are numerous but the biggest culprits are sugars, pasta, breads, and alcohol.

As stated above beer should be avoided for not only your semen but also in order to create yeast that will be passed along to your woman.


Sex is important for your overall health and so learning how to have the most enjoyable sex is important for all humans. Thus making sure your sex life is at it’s best through your food choices is simply the smart thing.

There are many foods listed above that negatively impact your sex but the point is not to eliminate all foods that bring you pleasure but more to learn moderation.

To learn balance and overall health. The better you feel in your body the better your sex life will be. So start today taking small changes to increase your own pleasure!

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Addison Bell is known for her fierce passion for helping others reach their life potential. Over the last 10 years, Addison has gathered a multitude of skills and knowledge and has integrated these modalities into her own Tantric healing blend. Addison has a Master’s in Counseling and has training/certifications in sexuality, body-image, Reiki, and other experiential techniques. She is a raw and honest individual who uses both her years of experience and her personal journey to help people to move forward. Clients are refreshed by her open and honest approach to issues of body-image, sexuality, desire, and shame.