Gambir Sarawak – All You Need To Know About This Ingredient

by Cheryl Powers

The substance sold as Gambir Sarawak is a natural plant extract. It is actually named after the plant, Gambir, and the place that it is often found, Sarawak in Borneo. It is claimed that men and women have used the extract for centuries due to its astringent properties, but it is gaining popularity in North America now as a male sexual enhancement product. Instead of being used to support the libido and help support the size and power of the erection, Gambir Sarawak is for men who suffer from the often embarrassing occurance of premature ejaculation. While this can affect men of all ages, the actual cause can be due to a number of different factors, including stress, anxiety and illness. The main function of Gambir Sarawak is to desensitize the penis, allowing for the man to perform longer without reaches orgasm. Not only does this allow more pleasure for both sexual partners, but it can also have the effect of producing a more intense orgasm.

Gambir Sarawak

Gambir Sarawak is sold in several different forms, but the most popular appears to be simply as pieces of bark. These are available in single packets, and are applied directly to the penis after having been moistened with water. The bark then gives the penis a ‘tingling’ effect, numbing the skin, but still allowing for the erection to be maintained. Gambir Sarawak is also available in cream and gel formulas, and, being a topical treatment, should be safe to use for most consumers. However, there is a risk that the user’s skin may be sensitive and irritated by the product, in which case, use must be discontinued.

Most manufacturers of Gambir Sarawak are located overseas, meaning the product is not so readily available in North America. However, there do seem to be a number of reputable online retailers where the product can be purchased at a cost of approximately $3.00 per single packet. Some manufacturers give more details regarding their product than others, and it is recommended that the brand chosen has undergone consumer testing and, if possible, offers the product for a risk free trial.

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