Getting to Know Low Testosterone Types

Decreasing testosterone levels is a result of lessened productivity among the male and female gonads. The purpose is to secrete the sex hormone that is essential in fulfilling the daily physical and sexual activities especially among men. Without the proper testosterone levels, the entire body will be affected.

This medical condition is caused by many things such as genetic makeup of the individual, aging, physical or environmental factors and other types of diseases. Depending on the culprit of problems in hormone levels, several types of low testosterone can be raised. To let you know more about this sexual problem, take a look at the classification of testosterone level abnormalities below:

Classifications of Low Testosterone

Getting to Know Low Testosterone Types

To further understand the causes and classes that contributes to low testosterone levels, scientists divided the testosterone abnormality into several types which are outlined here:

  • Primary
  • Levels of gonadotropins indicate the type of decrease in testosterone. In this state, problems in the testicles are the main axes of the problem and not the brain. Under this condition, the levels of LH and FSH are usually increased to emphasize that the testicles are the organs primarily affected.

    Conditions such as Turner syndrome, XY females, Noonan syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome are examples of abnormalities that can develop due to the primary types of low testosterone. Most of these can be acquired at birth or are influenced by genetic make-ups

  • Secondary
  • The primary classification can be obtained from disorders in the male gonads. The secondary class is a differen story. Here, the problem is related to abnormalities in the brain and parts of the body outside the gonads. Diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hemochromatosis may cause one of the types of low testosterone.

  • Congenital
  • Some physical conditions in the body permit the onset of low testosterone and it is quite difficult to fend off the disease if the causative agents are already present at child birth. Diseases that are acquired at birth can be the culprits of congenital-based testosterone depletions that are categorized in this Class.

  • Acquired
  • Intake of drugs such as morphine, methadone and hydromorphone fall under this category. These substances may hamper with the normal functioning of the body to secrete hormones. Diseases such as mumps, injury in the head and diabetes can also deplete levels of the hormone.

Understanding the types of this medical condition is essential so that the causes, symptoms and treatments will be clearly established. Since the development of modern science, people already have some ideas on how to get away from these kinds of malfunctions in the body. If given the proper and immediate attention and remedies, one will surely live a healthy life that is free from decreasing testosterone levels in the body.