Ginseng Ingredients – How Effectively It Treats Sexual Dysfunction

by Cheryl Powers

Ginseng is one of the most well-known and commonly-used roots of all Chinese medicines. It has been popular in North America for a number of years, mostly due to the energy-supporting benefits it is purported to have. There are several different types of Ginseng including Panax, Korean and Siberian and it is said that they each have particular benefits.


Ginseng in general has been traditionally used in Asia for a variety of reasons, not only to support energy levels, and one condition it is used to treat is sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Available in a number of forms including teas, lotions and capsules, it is said to support the libido and has proved successful in having a positive effect on reproductive activity in lab rats. Unfortunately it has not been widely tested in humans and the success rate of Ginseng is largely hearsay.

For a consumer looking to try Ginseng as a treatment for sexual performance, it is essential that they choose a product that contains optimal levels of the substance and one that is high in the active ingredient, Saponins. The recommended dose is 330mg three times a day and at this level there should be no harmful side effects caused. However, because ginseng is a stimulant, some users have reported that it can cause insomnia and general restlessness, although if this is the case the dosage can be reduced. However it is this stimulating effect that is likely responsible for the positive effects ginseng has on sexual activity which, in addition to supporting sexual desire may also treat some levels of erectile dysfunction, especially if it is triggered by stress. This is due to the fact that ginseng is an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body adapt to various stresses.

The price of Ginseng really depends on which brand is purchased although it should be noted that the less expensive brands may contain inferior quality extract.

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