Going Straight to the Point for Better Performance

by Nick Swanson

From some people’s perspective, the penis can be referred to as man’s best friend because it is quite evident how men value their organs so much and how these body parts tend to uplift or boost the morale of their wielders. Perhaps, these statements are fortified by the observations that a man’s world turns upside down every time he has a failed sexual encounter caused by organ incompetence.

One of the commonly occurring disorders of the male reproductive organ is the Peyronie’s disease or Induration penis plastica. It is characterized by painful erections, hardened lesions or plaques, loss of girth, erectile dysfunctions and abnormal curvature of the penis’ shaft. Others are not aware that this disease affects around 10% of men.

Where the Lines Skew

Going Straight to the Point for Better Performance

Peyronie’s disease came from an unknown origin but some studies suggest that this chronic inflammation in the tunica albuginea is logically caused by injuries and traumas rendered on the penis during repeated sexual intercourse.

Below are some factors that contribute to the abnormal distortion of the sex organ.

  • Anti-hypertensive drugs can possibly result to a bent penis, although this is not yet medically proven. This idea has been raised due to the presence of anti hypertensive substances found in the drugs that causes side effects like skewing. Prostate cancer treatments such as radiation therapy make men susceptible to curvature of the penis.
  • Prostate cancer treatments such as radiation therapy make men susceptible to curvature of the penis.
  • Traces of immune cell marker suggest that Peyronie’s disease could be inherited.
  • Insufficient circulation of blood around the penis can also contribute to abnormalities in shape.

You might be a victim of this dreaded condition if these signs occur to you:

  • A region in the penis shaft has unusually hardened tissues.
  • The penis narrows, bends or hurts during erection and intercourse.
  • There is a development of lump in the shaft. It fully develops within 12 to 18 months.

Remodeling the Curves

  • Treatment should be given immediately because enduring the pain might bring more harm such as erectile dysfunction and impotency.
  • Consulting a doctor is recommended. Here are some remedies proven effective to straighten out bent penis.
  • Radiation therapy kills the hard lesions to bring back the penis to its natural appearance.
  • Corticosteroid is injected to the bands of fibrous tissue.
  • Blood pressure is regulated by verapamil injections.
  • Psychological counseling will encourage patients to continue their lives normally despite their incapacitations.
  • Male enhancement pills that contain all-natural herbal extracts that holistically promote proper blood circulation in the body while giving energy boosts and adjustment of abnormalities in the penis.

So far, herbal pills are proven effective against erectile dysfunctions and Peyronie’s disease. Furthermore, these kinds of medications are relatively cheaper compared to other conventional treatments against erectile dysfunction. If you are interested in preventing the onset of these medical conditions, you might consider taking pills as prescribed by the doctor.