Gonorrhea: Everything You Need to Know About Gonorrhea

by Nick Swanson

Gonorrhea is one of the most common diseases that infect both men and women. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease and mostly found in the sexually active teenagers and other people. The bacterium named Gonorrhea is responsible for the disease that impacts a large population. Even though it can harm both men and women but men often face more risks for the disease.

What causes gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is the result of the dangerous bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhea that can transmit through sexual intercourse problems and infected bodily fluids. It has been seen that the Neisseria Gonorrhea bacterium grows at an alarming speed in the warm places. The most comfortable places for this bacterium in men is the Urethra (Urinal Tube), Mouth, Throat, and Anus.

As per the details and medical observations, the Gonorrhea disease can impact a man in multiple ways. It is even inherited to the next generation. The adverse impact of the disease can be observed as the situation worsens. The different medical study has proven that the Gonorrhea mostly occurs for multiple sex partners.

However, unfortunate body fluid transfusion can be a reason for it as well. Even Oral Sex can lead to this disease. It can harm men by multiple ways but here are the different symptoms that are found in men in case of the disease.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Men

Know All About Gonorrhea

There are many complications of this disease but here are the most common signs and symptoms that are found.

Enlarged testicles and pain in the same are two of the most common symptoms of this disease. However, the swelling in the testicles can differ for a different individual. The pain tends to increase with the time for this disease.

Excessive burning sensation during urinating is one of the common symptoms. Many have a complaint about pain during the urination as well. The burning sensation and the pain differ but it tends to increase with the severity.

There will discharge from the penis. The frequency of the discharge may vary with the individual and the severity of the disease. The most common color is either Greenish Yellow or whitish. However, the color does not represent any severity of the condition. It may change for an individual as well. The discharge can also create burning sensation or pain.

Burning sensation in the throat or swellings of the throat is also a very common symptom for the Gonorrhea disease. These are mainly the symptoms for those men who have got the bacteria transmission due to Oral Sex.

The most difficult part of the Gonorrhea disease is that the symptoms appear late. It is observed that symptoms appear after 14 days of infection and sometimes it appears even later. It becomes very difficult to diagnose the disease in such conditions.

How do you diagnose gonorrhea?

The diagnosis of that disease is also very important with respect to the severity of the issue. As far as the process is concerned, the diagnosis is done on the basis of body fluid. Often another sexually transmitted disease named as Chlamydia is found along with Gonorrhea. The doctors need to identify both the disease in order to go ahead for the treatment.

What is the best treatment for gonorrhea?

The treatment of the disease is generally a full course of antibiotics. This is a treatable disease if the patient shows up early and the disease is diagnosed well in advance. It is also important that a person completes the antibiotic course in order to be cured. Sometimes, people do not really follow the entire course as it looked that they have already come around. However, even traces of the bacterium can cause a relapse of the disease.

It is also very important that a person takes equal measures to prevent this disease rather than treating this. The safe sex is the best prevention for this disease in men. Also, one must ensure that nobody fluid is transferred from unknown or known source.

What are the effects of gonorrhea if not treated?

The disease can have adverse and life threatening impact for men. If the disease is left untreated or not get treated for a long time, then the size of the testicles can get increased by a large amount. It can create unbearable pain and further cause infertility problems. The reduction of sexual drive is very common for Gonorrhea. This condition is generally known as Epididymitis. The Gonorrhea enhances the chance of HIV infection by a considerable amount. According to medical research, a person is more vulnerable to HIV if he is already infected with Gonorrhea. The chances of AIDS due to HIV increases even more with Gonorrhea. The report suggests that a man is more vulnerable to AIDS when he has both HIV and Gonorrhea than when he has only Gonorrhea.


Gonorrhea can be disastrous for a man. It can lead to sexual complications and impact the sexual drive as well. It can even cause infertility and even death.