Grow Your Penis – Is it Even Possible?

by Nick Swanson

It’s the dream of millions of men, not just in America but around the world – finding that special technique or supplement that helps you grow your penis from its current size into something more substantial. Of course, most people agree that this is one dream that is largely unattainable. There are countless products and techniques available that promise to help you grow your penis, most of them sitting in email spam folders even as you read this. But realistically, is it possible to grow your penis, even a small bit? The truth is that for most people it isn’t, but some do experience results through various means.

Grow Your Penis

As for those spam emails and whether or not the products they’re touting can help you grow your penis – probably not. However, some of them do include various substances that have been shown to relax penis muscles and improve blood flow into the penis. This can actually cause erections that are larger than normal and essentially grow your penis slightly, although it is only when it is erect. Since you likely want to grow your penis for sexual reasons, however, this may be enough for you. It’s important to realize that exact results will vary, and not everyone will experience significant erection changes.

As for ways to actually grow your penis, even when it’s flaccid, there are solutions that may prove successful as well. Weights are one example, and attaching them to the tip of the penis and allowing them to hang could grow your penis, although it will take time. You can also use a device known as a penis extender to grow your penis. This device actually stretches the penis through adjustable tension. Both of these options can add at least an inch to penis length in some cases, but the devices must be used regularly in order to notice any improvements.

You may be able to grow your penis through exercises known as jelqing, wherein you achieve a semi-erect state and then use the thumb and index finger to ‘milk’ the penis for a period of time, moving blood into the glans and boosting size. It’s been used for centuries, but if you plan to grow your penis with it you shouldn’t expect overnight results. Obviously, using any of these techniques to grow your penis may or may not be successful and none will cause huge increases in size. Still, some studies have shown that slight improvements may very well be possible.