Harmful Side Effects of Unnatural Male Enhancement Pills

by Nick Swanson

Most men are conscious of their penis size. Thinking that penile size will ultimately dictate how they perform in bed and satisfy their partners, men are often tempted to seek for ways to enhance their size.

Today, there are several ways to improve penis size, including but not limited to penile devices, exercises, surgery and male enhancement pills. Among these choices, the male enhancement pills present the easiest and most convenient way to improve the length and width of the penis. But, are they also the safest choice?

If you are looking for male enhancement pills, chances are you’ve encountered a lot of them on the internet. With the number of male enhancement present today, choosing the right one is crucial, especially when considering the possible side effects.

What are the Common Side Effects of Male Enhancement Pills?

Harmful Side Effects of Unnatural Male Enhancement Pills

Unnatural male enhancement pills are those pills made of synthetic ingredients rather than natural ones. Natural ingredients are often derived from nature such as herbs.

They can also be substances found in the body, such as amino acids and enzymes. Unnatural male enhancement pills may contain chemicals and synthetic substances derived unnaturally.

It is believed that natural enhancement pills are relatively safer compared to unnatural ones. Unnatural male enhancement pills may pose the following minor and major side effects.

  • Temporary loss of vision and hearing
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Inability to fall asleep
  • Muscle pains
  • Penile bleeding
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Priaprism

The last three are the most serious, and they can be fatal. Because most male enhancement pills are designed to increase blood flow so that men’s erections become fuller and harder. These erections also last for longer periods of time for a more satisfying sexual experience.

Having full erection must be the first telltale sign that the pill is effective, but when the blood flow becomes too much or too short, it may result to serious conditions like Priaprism.

What is Priaprism?

Priaprism takes place when blood flow to the penile area becomes too extreme and the blood does not flow freely back to its normal course after the sexual deed. The penis becomes erect for up to several hours accompanied by an agonizing pain.

Treatments may involve putting an ice pack, injection, and surgery, depending on the gravity of the condition. Priaprism may also lead to erectile dysfunction.


There are some male enhancement pills that truly work, while there are some that do not. It is important to know how the pills work, what their ingredients are and their possible side effects.

Rather than taking unnatural male enhancement pills, you may opt for the natural ones, especially those proven safe and effective to assure better sexual performances in the future without putting your health at risk.