What are some of the Healthy Reasons for Sex?

by Nick Swanson

Let’s be honest, sex can be a lot of fun. It’s pleasurable and offers a way for couples to really enjoy one another. But along with just being really enjoyable, there are actually a lot of health benefits connected to sex.

Studies are continually finding more and more ways that having sex can actually help you boost your overall health, and some of the health benefits could surprise you.

Here’s a quick look at ten of the big health benefits that sex can offer to you.

Healthy Reasons for Sex
  1. Immune System Boost – A study has found that having sex one to two times per week can help boost the levels of antibodies in the body, which could help reduce the chance of getting colds and infections.
  2. Calorie Burning – Sex is also a workout. Depending on the positions you assume during it, you could burn a lot of calories. Regular sexual activity can help you lose weight.
  3. Lower Blood Pressure – Studies have also found that there’s a serious reduction in blood pressure associated with having sex regularly. It could help you get a lower level of blood pressure and reduce your chance of heart related health issues.
  4. Less Stress – There’s no question that sex is stress relieving, and no matter what your favorite positions may be it will help you get the kind of stress reduction that few other natural options can provide.
  5. Self Esteem Boost – A study conducted by the University of Texas actually found that self esteem boosts were one of the big reasons many people had sex. It can help you feel better about yourself.
  6. Reduced Prostate Cancer Risk – Studies have found that regular, frequent ejaculations can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer as one ages. Younger men in their twenties who have frequent ejaculations stand a reduced risk of developing this dangerous form of cancer.
  7. Better Relationships – Simply put, sex can boost the ‘love hormone’ and improve the health of a relationship.
  8. Less Pain – Sex releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers. Things like headaches, arthritis, and cramps may be reduced in severity thanks to sex.
  9. Improved Sleep – Studies show that the oxytocin released during sex can also help one sleep better, which in turn leads to many additional health benefits.
  10. Stronger Muscles – For women in particular and to a lesser degree men, sex can help improve pelvic muscle strength and reduce the chance of developing incontinence as they age.