Herbal Ingredients For Premature Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

Premature Ejaculation is a condition that can affect men of any age and the causes can be numerous. Unfortunately, the problem can be a real obstacle when it comes to procreation which, from the time of Adam and Eve, is essential between a man and a woman, according to the laws set out by their creator God.

Herbal Ingredients For Premature Ejaculation

In order for Adam and Eve to become the sole ancestors of all human beings, it was vital that they, and both sexes thereon, continue to be disease-free, healthy and unencumbered by problems such as premature ejaculation.

This particular condition is diagnosed when the male sexual partner is unable to complete the sexual act due to climaxing too early. It can be very distressing for the man and his partner, and while there are a number of treatment options available, many men are turning to more traditional, natural cures such as those from Ayurveda medicine.

The old science of Ayurveda calls Premature Ejaculation ‘Sheegrapatan’, and there are several key ingredients used in its therapies.

Salab Mishri (orchis latifolia) is a herb that is used to treat sexual performance by acting mainly as an aphrodisiac. It is derived from Orchids grown in colder climates, particularly in India and its sub-continents.

Safed Musli (curculigo orchioides) is a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac. It helps to increase circulation, boosting the blood flow to the genital area and also improving the sperm count, to ensure a better chance of fertilization.

Shilajit (mineral pitch) is an organo-mineral that is said to be one of the more potent herbal ingredients obtained from the Himalayan Mountains.

Actually consisting of decomposed matter, Shilajit seeps from the mountains where it becomes a powerful resin. In turn it is most effective in treating low libido and both Premature Ejaculation and Impotence.

Ashwagandha – this is a most beneficial substance due to the fact that it has multiple functions in the area of sexual health. In addition to suppressing the Vata dosha, it also helps to energize the body, power-up sexual desire and tone the body for added endurance. Because of this, it is very often referred to as ‘Indian Viagra’.