Herbal Treatment for Impotence – Alternative Therapies for Erectile Dysfunction

by Nick Swanson

There are literally hundreds of herbal remedies, and you don’t have to look far to find the best herbal treatment for impotence. Instead of feeling like a failure because you suffer from erectile dysfunction (also known as ED), take charge of your sexual health with natural solutions that make you feel whole again. Just as varying degrees of impotence exist, there are various herbal remedies on the market that have been shown to help reverse the problem. Some cases of ED are caused by hormonal imbalances, diabetes, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, and a number of other illnesses. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to seek out herbs to treat the underlying disease rather than the ED itself. Cutting out smoking and drinking are two other ways to improve penile function.

Herbal treatment for impotence

Saw palmetto is a great herbal treatment for impotence. It’s used extensively in Europe to treat enlarged prostate glands. In some cases, an enlarged prostate can lead to ED, so addressing the underlying problem will naturally bring about good results. Those with a healthy prostate gland, however, may not benefit from taking saw palmetto. Peppermint oil may be a better option. Peppermint oil can be used as a sexual aid because it works by increasing respiration, which brings more oxygen to the blood. This improves the performance of all of the body’s organs, mainly the genitals. Breathing in peppermint oil or taking peppermint supplements can help men who suffer from impotence due to circulation problems.

ED suffers may want to garnish food and beverages with peppermint to maximize the herbal treatment for impoteneme. On a similar note, Siberian ginseng is known for being beneficial to men with ED. Siberian ginseng is a sexual herb that, like peppermint, helps circulate the blood and even stimulates the nervous system. This helps blood flow and nerve sensitivity improve in the genital area. This herb also improves stamina, reduces stress, and increases alertness. It’s even been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire.

A lesser known herbal treatment for impotence is Yohimbe. This bark extract has long been used in the treatment of ED and other age-related sexual problems. It’s incredibly strong, so anyone taking Yohimbe should follow the correct dosage carefully. Other supplements said to help impotence include damiana, ginger, maca, bee pollen, royal jelly and goat weed. Some products on the market include a variety of these herbs, making supplementing easier.