Herbs for Male Fertility – Which Herbs Work Best?

by Nick Swanson

Every man is different, so it’s often not easy to find out which herbs for male fertility will work the best for you. There are hundreds of different products on the market, and depending on what the problem is, herbs for male fertility can require a combination of herbs in one formula. When you’re trying to conceive a child, there are a number of factors that can determine how long it will take. Some men take herbs for male fertility and assume they’ll work right away. However, if there is a problem like a low sperm count, in addition to herbal supplements, you may have to take additional supplements.

Herbs for male fertility can work extremely well, but when there are underlying issues and high potency vitamin is needed, it can often be due to a deficiency of a certain mineral or vitamin. However, additional vitamin or mineral supplements can be taken in addition to herbs for male fertility as long as the directions of the manufacturer are closely followed. Most herbs for male fertility can be taken without any risk, but if you have the herpes virus, take caution if you use L-Arginine, because it can cause the symptoms to get worse.

When you need herbs for male fertility, you can search online for supplements specifically designed to increase fertility. When couples have trouble conceiving, herbs for male fertility can increase your sperm count. Many herbs for male fertility that are available as an herbal blend also contain antioxidants as well as minerals and vitamins. Some herbal formulas also contain L-Carnitine, which is a powerful amino acid. Some of the products available are designed to be used together to address all infertility issues in men.

When herbs for male fertility are an issue, you can take a formula created of several different herbs, but there are also individual herbs that can be taken instead of herbs for male fertility in a specific product. Some of the herbs for male fertility that can be taken for different fertility issues are Fo Ti. This herb acts as a detoxifying agent by cleansing the blood, kidneys, and liver. It also restores sexual function that isn’t working as it should. Saw palmetto and damiana are herbs for male fertility that are known to increase libido. Yohimbe increases blood flow. However, it should be used with caution for people who have kidney disease. Pumpkin seed can be used to strengthen the prostate gland and improves how male hormones work.