Hilarious Masturbation Myths

For decades or even centuries, masturbation has gotten a bad rap. And while there are still plenty of people out there who are embarrassed to talk about it or to even think about it, the fact is that pretty much every expert out there will tell you that not only is masturbation normal, but it’s also healthy. Over the years there have been plenty of hilarious masturbation myths, and today it’s easy to look at them with a bit of a grin.

Hilarious Masturbation Myths
  • Masturbation Makes You Go Blind – Nope. Not even a little bit true. This is a rumor spread with the intent of shaming and scaring those who masturbated, in particular children. It’s a myth rooted in guilt, and is completely untrue.
  • Masturbation Will Make You Grow Hair On Your Palms – Once again, this myth sprang from a need to guilt or shame people and children into stopping masturbation. Masturbation has nothing to do with hair growth.
  • Masturbation Can Sap Your Strength – This is likely something that started in sports as kind of a superstition. Some athletes and some people in general think that masturbation can drain your strength. Once again, this isn’t even close to being true.
  • Masturbation Will Cause Your Penis To Curve – The fact is that if your penis is curved, it’s that way from birth due to simple genetics. It’s also very, very common and in some cases can be pleasurable since a nice curve may hit the female G-Spot. In any case, masturbation isn’t going to gradually bend your penis.
  • Masturbation Makes You Infertile – In women, masturbation won’t force extra eggs to be released during menstruation. And men are capable of producing a lifetime supply of sperm no matter how many times they ejaculate. In short, masturbation isn’t going to make you infertile.
  • Masturbation Causes Mental Illness – This one probably came about from the early days of mental illness study, where those with mental issues simply didn’t understand that masturbation was a private thing not to be done in public. Masturbation won’t make you insane.
  • Masturbation Makes Your Penis Bigger – While there are male enhancement products that can help you get a larger, harder erection, and while there are some manual techniques like jelqing that might help add size to your penis, just masturbating on a regular basis won’t cause you to get any extra size.

Simply put, masturbation is something that is pleasurable and healthy. Centuries of myths and misunderstanding are finally starting to dissipate, thankfully.